About Himmat

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I am a Blogger, Digital Marketer and Affiliate Marketer with 10 plus years of experience in the marketing industry as an employee and an entrepreneur.

In this digital world we see the screen use of people have been increased to much more extent.

In this scenario as per the stats, online industry will cross newer heights in coming years.

In recent past when I saw many people lost jobs and faced losses in their businesses.

Their pain cannot be explained here, but looking at their struggle I decided to create this blog to let people learn about Blogging and how it helps in earning. I seriously want to assist people to make them self employed. So I decided not to take website creation charges from needy people. And created a dedicated page "Get Free Website".

In addition to this also visit my page "Discount on Tools", where you will get handsome discount on the essential blogging and affiliate marketing tools

Go through this page and take maximum benefit of this service.

I hope people will get at least some positives from this blog & become self-employed.

Let’s start blogging and earning!!