Affiliate marketing for beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for beginners is a way of promoting other’s products on the web to your users or readers and earning commission for that.

The online market has changed the business module of any industry by 360 degree

The shifting mindset of the population towards online shopping has left behind the traditional way of marketing, not completely but to an impactful extent. Therefore affiliate marketing has gained huge importance in the recent past.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Workplace Comfort

If you want to quit your 9 to 5 job and if you hate working with your boss at the office, This is a perfect solution for you.

You take your laptop and internet connection on any of the hills and start your office!! it’s that simple

That’s the only thing you need to work on. So the point is you can work from home or anywhere. Wow!!

No Need to Have a Customer Support Department

Once you do the sales conversion or generate a lead, you earn the commission. As rest of the things are part of the merchants work

If there is any technical issue, quality issue, returns, etc. The merchant takes care of them who owns the product. Because an affiliate’s work is only limited to promoting the product, generating leads, and conversion. No need to have a customer support department. That’s awesome news guys!!

Passive Income

Passive income in affiliate marketing

Best part. It’s not that you will earn only when you work in the office. No need to wait for clients to visit your office, then you will try hard to convince them for converting into sales, etc.

In a traditional working pattern, you cannot afford to miss going to the office. 

But in affiliate marketing you can earn while you are sleeping, or when you are on vacation, or when you are sick and doing nothing. Because once you have created the system it works on your behalf.

Low Investment

You do not need to manufacture any product, No need of setup cost. So, you need very less investment to start affiliate marketing for beginners

It’s because you are promoting products that are already manufactured by someone. There is no need for infrastructure. You can just start by fulfilling the basic requirements

Get Rewards Based on Performance

If you put extra effort into your job, end of the month you will still end up with the same salary. But in affiliate marketing if you smartly put extra effort you will get rewards accordingly.

So if your performance is better you will get better rewards. Showing up your skills will help you earn more. It’s in your hands when to maximize or where to stop.

Some Terms to Know in Affiliate Marketing

Below are some important terms which I feel are must know in affiliate marketing for beginners.

Merchant – The manufacturer or business owner of a product.

Affiliate – It’s You. The third party promoting the merchant’s product. Also known as the publisher, associate, or partner.

Affiliate Link – It is the tracking link. This is a unique URL that tracks the clicks and conversions from the affiliate.

Conversion – It is the lead or sales generated by an affiliate, that is recognized by the merchant

Prospect – An individual who performs conversion with the merchant. Also known as a lead, customer, or client.

Affiliate Network – A mediator platform between the merchant and the affiliate that helps to facilitate the business

Affiliate Manager – Their goal is to maximize the performance of the affiliate program. They work as a support system for affiliates and merchant

Affiliate Program – An arrangement in which the merchant pays commissions to affiliates.

Click through Rate (CTR)-The percentage of affiliate-link clicks per number of web page impressions.

Conversion Rate (CR) – The percentage of clicks that are converted.

Cost per Action (CPA) – A model in which merchants pay the affiliates commission per action

Cost per Click (CPC) – A model in which merchants pay affiliates for clicks only. It’s usually by clicking ad banners provided by the merchant

Pixel – It’s a hidden image that is used for tracking conversions. A pixel tracks when conversions occur. Pixels are JavaScript code embedded on a webpage.

Landing Page – The merchant’s webpage to which affiliates refer traffic via an affiliate link.

Ad Blocker – Web browser technology that can prevent the tracking of affiliate clicks and conversions. In addition, it can also prevent the display of ad banners.

Charge Back – An invalid conversion that results in the affiliate’s commission being rejected

Cookies – Information stored on a user’s web browser to identify that particular visit. With affiliate marketing, cookies are used to track affiliate link clicks and potential conversions.

Link Cloaking – It Hides the affiliate link with a clean URL than the one provided by the merchant. Link cloaking can be used to manage links and track clicks and conversions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work 

How does affiliate marketing work

When you signup with an affiliate program they provide you with an affiliate link. This is a tracking link especially made for you. You have to share this with your readers linked to a product you are selling.

When they click on it they are directed towards the merchant website where they will make the payment. Thus this link works to track your commission.

There are other ways to track affiliates, but they are based on the user clicking your special tracking link.

Tracking via the cookie is very common. When an affiliate link is clicked, a small file called a cookie is stored on the user’s computer. After completing the purchase the merchant comes to know that the customer was referred by you. This is Because of the cookie file.

There are some methods where the purchase is tracked using the email used or IP address. But no need to go deep into it. As we want to focus on affiliate marketing

9 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

1. Choose your niche – Depending on the market requirement choose your niche to begin writing on it. It’s good if your passion is the same.

2. Create a Website – You need a website to write blogs for your user’s and promote affiliate links

3. Research Products in Your Niche – Search for affiliate programs and networks that offer quality products. Choose some of them and start promoting by writing about them

4. Sign up for the Affiliate Program or In-house Affiliate Networks – Choose any one of these as per your niche. Check the reputation of in-house affiliate programs. Always recommend quality products

5.Start writing content  Write blog posts, product reviews, tutorials, or email and use your affiliate link to promote

6.Work on SEO – Search engine optimization is very important to rank your website on google. If you rank it helps in conversion. try to get more and more traffic

7.Work on off-page SEO – This is building your site viewers by promoting it on social networking sites, building backlinks by writing guest posts, and doing all the work required to increase your viewers.

8.Update content – Continue doing this work and keep your content always updated which helps to build the users trust

9.Promote products and start earning – Start promoting products through your affiliate link and earn

7 Affiliate Marketing Channels for Beginners

There are several marketing channels for affiliate marketers to begin promotion. It depends on the individual which one suits them. Most marketers opt for multiple channels without depending on any particular.

1. Blog

You can start a blog where you can write product reviews for merchants, step-by-step articles for the students who are completely new to a subject, or you can write any other niche-related blog posts.

You have to make use of SEO techniques and rank on the top page of search engines. Then you can start promoting your affiliate products through links in a blog. This will make a good amount for you

Read my special blogs on how to become blogger. And one more how to make money from blog

2. Influencer

Infuencer marketing

Influencers are those who already have a good number of followers on social media networks. By consistently providing value to your user’s they start trusting you and get influenced. Therefore they can influence followers’ decisions.

If they recommend any product most of the followers are converted. Think from your users’ perspective whether the product will be useful or not. Keep in mind that you cannot recommend any product that will be a waste of money for the users.

They won’t trust you anymore. Therefore being an influencer is a smart way to start affiliate marketing for beginners.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is an evergreen way of connecting with your users. And it helps you earn good affiliate marketing income. Build your email contact list.

You can send emails to subscribers to convey updates and promote products with an affiliate link. This will give you good earnings from them. For this use some important tools to increase your subscribers and build an email list. Visit my Discount on tools page for best offers on important tools

4. Promote Affiliate Marketing Offers With a Resource Page

Create a resource page on your website. Like how I have one. Mention the list of all essential tools for a user. These are relevant for the user. Do not include any unnecessary tools.

Share good offers so that there will be mutual benefit. You will earn a small commission and your users will save cost on purchasing it by clicking on your affiliate link.

Your website should not only have a resource page but also valuable content. This will provide value and solutions for the user. And resource page will save their cost on tools purchase.

5. Affiliate Marketing with Product Reviews

Write honest reviews about a product. A product which you know about. As we know that all the products have some pros and cons. Mention both while recommending it to the users. Users will

trust you when you don’t like something about a product and you honestly share it. Many affiliate marketers earn a good amount by writing product reviews. Along with the reviews they share an affiliate link. Whenever a user purchases anything from this link you earn a commission.

6. Affiliate Marketing with Tutorials

Affiliate marketing with tutorials

Tutorials are a step-by-step guide for users to learn about any niche topic. For example tutorial on affiliate marketing for beginners.

The tutorial should provide users a comprehensive subject knowledge. If users get benefit from this you will also get the referred audience. Your tutorial will be paid so you have a good chance to earn profit by providing valuable and useful information to the users.

The users will purchase the required tools on the resource page through your affiliate link and you earn.

Keep your tutorial cost in line with the market trend. And update the content as and when required.

7. Affiliate Marketing with Comparison Posts

When users are confused between some products, you can provide them a solution by sharing with them a comparison between top products.

You can compare products with similar features. You can search on the google keyword planner tool to understand which products require comparison. the product features with advantages and disadvantages so that users can conclude.

Niche like Web Hosting, Mobile Phones are good to share a comparison post. You will when a purchase is done using your affiliate link

Finding Affiliate Products and Services

There are many ways to find products and companies that you can partner with as an affiliate. So here are some easiest ways to find out in Affiliate marketing for beginners

1. Search affiliate programs for products that you are familiar with or experienced personally 

2. Watch out for competitor blogs what they are recommending

3Join Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks 

Affiliate networks are the mediator between merchant and affiliate marketer which manages all the tracking reporting, affiliate links, payment, and all affiliate-related issues. They have their platform.

There are thousands of merchants on their platform. On some platforms, you have to apply to the merchant and get their approval as an affiliate. However, on some platforms you do not need to take separate approval from merchants and directly you can start promoting products. 

After getting approval you can start promoting products through your specialized affiliate link which you receive from them. You can select any of the merchants and promote its products. Remember one thing avoid promoting products that are irrelevant to your niche.

Read their terms and conditions before joining any network. Check if there are any restrictions in promoting a product.

At some places, they do not allow to publish your affiliate link. Moreover, most of the merchants would not allow you for bidding against their brands in Google ads. You will be banned by a merchant if you are doing any such restricted act.

Affiliate networks have many advantages over in-house affiliate programs

You receive commission in time. They have a systematic way of working.

You have the option to work with thousands of merchants from a single dashboard.

Your affiliate links and conversions are accurately tracked and you can monitor without any problem

Top affiliate networks in affiliate marketing for beginners.

Share a Sale

Impact Radius

C J affiliate

Amazon Associate

In-house Affiliate Programs of Merchant

These are affiliate programs directly run by the merchant. The entire system is managed by them. In this type of program, you work more closely with a merchant.

You get an affiliate link directly from the merchant. The merchant takes care of tracking your links and conversions. 

A major drawback of this system is that you don’t have any option to crosscheck if a merchant is manipulating your conversions. You have to depend on the payment schedule of the merchant

Advantages of In-house affiliate program 

Generally, pay high commission rates compared to affiliate networks 

You work closely with the merchant, hence build good relation with them

They can give you more flexible options for the conversion

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

How does affiliate marketer get paid

You get payment when an event like a sale or conversion occur. This type is known as Cost Per Action, or CPA. In affiliate marketing, CPA is the most popular method

You will paid through other type of events as well. Other options are:

CPL or Cost per Lead – Email address, Phone number, Address, etc.

CPC or Cost per Click, – When someone clicks on your banner or link

CPM or Cost per Thousand – It is a fixed cost that can be negotiated as well.

The payment terms are decided by the merchant itself. Like the frequency of payment method of payment etc. However, these can be negotiated

Affiliate networks are far better in terms of payment terms. They are accurate and never create any problem for their affiliates. As they depend on affiliates for running their network.

Whereas In-house affiliate programs may generally pay you after 90 days of sales. So you have to wait for so many days to get your commission. There are some good in-house affiliate programs too.

Most affiliate networks offer an electronic method of payment – usually direct deposit or PayPal.

How Much Money You Can Make with Affiliate Marketing

The money you can make with affiliate marketing depends on how much effort you put into it. Few of them earn nothing and few earn millions.

If you are highly skilled, if you run the best offers for users, you run paid ads, work hard on email marketing, create a good number of social media followers then attract good traffic on your site.

More traffic = More conversions = More money you make

I hope after completing this article you will gain lots of confidence and understand the potential of affiliate marketing. Read my special blog on how to make money from a blog

3 Tips to Grow Earnings in Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Let us see some more tips to grow your earnings in affiliate marketing. follow these simple steps

1. Recommend Quality Products and Companies 

Choose companies that are known for producing quality products. Never compromise on this. As it may affect your reputation when you promote sub-standard products just to earn commission

The smart way of doing this is to promote the product which you have experienced. This might be a costly affair sometimes

There is another way which may work in some cases you can approach some merchants and convince them for a product trial which will give you confidence in promoting

2. Offer a Solution to Users in Your Content

Offer solution in the content

User’s visit your blog to find a solution to their problem. Your content should be written after thorough research to give a satisfactory solution to their problem. Read my special blog on how to become blogger

Don’ expect that the user will come straight away and click your link. To make this possible your content should provide impressive and valuable information about the product.

To provide value to user’s many affiliate marketers write product reviews, unboxing videos, blogs, etc.

3. Stick to Your Niche 

Promote products relevant to your niche, For example, if your niche is technology do not promote clothing or weight loss-related products. This is irrelevant promotion. Avoid this

Without knowing the product do not promote the products. The best way is to promote the products which you have used. If you haven’t tried the product try to learn about it from the merchant itself

Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Once you grow as a blogger you will be promoting a lot of different products. So to manage all the affiliate links, banners, and ads on your website you will face a lot of issues.

Fortunately, there are some affiliate marketing tools and plugins on WordPress which will help you manage all the links.

1. ThirstyAffiliates

2. AdSanity

3. MonsterInsights

3 Categories of Product for High Earnings in Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

1. Physical Products

Promoting physical products is easy and the simplest way to do it is by signing up for the world’s largest affiliate program known as Amazon associates.

After signing up you get an affiliate link to promote any product available on amazon. But commission rates on amazon are very low ranging between 1-10%. Anything more than 10% is a good one.

You can also sell your products online by creating an e-commerce store with help of the WordPress plugin WooCommerce

The reason behind having less commission rates on physical products is the cost involved in its manufacturing, wholesaling, shipping, etc. 

But still, many marketers manage to earn handsome money through amazon. You can make it.

2. Information Products

Information product

The commission rate of information products is much higher than physical products. That is the reason why many affiliate marketers love to promote them.

Commission rate ranges between 30-50% because the cost of production occurred is much lesser.

When you have good traffic our work is limited only to send traffic to the merchant company’s funnel. And rest of the conversion part is completed by their marketing team. So choose a company with good marketing team which helps us in earn more.

The best example of information product is courses. It’s better to find good courses with a good affiliate program. Make sure you are familiar with it or personally experienced it. You will make good money with information products.

3. Service Products

Example of service products is hosting, theme, SEO tool, email marketing software, etc.

The best part of service products is that they provide us with a recurring commission. In other words, once the user bought a product through us, at every renewal we will get a commission.

Therefore it is very much profitable to choose service products providing recurring commission


you get around 15-30 percent commission on service products or even more with some affiliate programs. This is a good earning opportunity for affiliate marketing beginner

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Ignoring SEO – You must not forget SEO(Search engine optimization) at any cost 

Not being honest – Some people avoid talking about negative points of a product in a review

You don’t update the content

Not leveraging affiliate resources – Make use of affiliate managers, banners, links, etc.

Develop Good Relationship with Affiliate Manager

Most of the affiliate networks have their affiliate managers to communicate with affiliates. You as an affiliate marketer should develop a good relationship with them. This works as,

They help you to work more efficiently because they know which is the better way of promoting 

You can negotiate with them regarding payment terms

You can negotiate with them about boosting the commission rate, etc.

Follow Legal Requirements and Best Practices

Comply legal rules

In some countries, it is mandatory to mention a disclaimer. Therefore it’s a good practice to let people know that you earn a small commission when readers purchase anything by clicking links on this blog post. There is no harm in it.

In a television advertisement when an actor promotes a product, we don’t feel bad right? do we?

So why should we hide this?

Be transparent. People will appreciate your honesty. They will support you because you are writing something to make their lives better

So when you share an affiliate link, on blog posts, email, etc. let your readers know that you get a small commission if they buy through you and. But if they don’t choose to use your link, it’s ok we don’t have to worry

Promote the products that you are confident about. Similarly, you make them feel confident as well.

If you like the product then recommend it to the user. Don’t just promote because the commission rate is lucrative

Share pros and cons this will build trust about you among the users.

To sum up, create an Affiliate disclaimer page on your website to let people know about the commission.


When it comes to Affiliate marketing for beginners, your first step should be building a website and valuable content for users. Think of users in mind who are your customers while writing content. 

Do not write only SEO-friendly content to impress search engines. It’s always said that “Content is king”. 

So if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer you have to be a problem solver. Because when users see a solution in your blog for their problems they will follow you. 

When your blog is valuable for users you start getting traffic and which later on brings you conversions and leads.

In short, Make use of the techniques mentioned above to start your career in affiliate marketing. Hope you got some positives in this blog.

Share your success stories with us. Do not forget to comment below. Your views are valuable to us. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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