29 Tips on Content Writing to be a Top Blogger

Content writing in simple terms is expressing your views and writing on different platforms for example – a blog, website, social media platforms, email newsletters, video description etc.

The purpose of writing content could be different according to the need.

Such as, educational content for students, Governments informative content to spread awareness for citizens, Business purpose content about products and services for their customers

Why Focus on Content Writing

Content writing is the most important part of any marketing or awareness campaign designed by an individual or an organization.

Years back someone really special predicted about the future of content and said this. And no surprise it has ruled till date and remain an important aspect forever.

“Content is king”

Bill Gates 1996

When I say content, it’s not only about website content, but also the written matter on anywhere else. It works as the first connecting point between the readers and you.

So, you cannot ignore this. Below are the most common platforms where we find content.

Web Pages
Product Descriptions
Email newsletters
Social media posts
Podcast titles
White papers
Landing pages
YouTube video descriptions

Tip 1 : Research About Your Niche, Be Yourself

Research in content writing image

Read a lot and study the different articles on the search engine on your niche. This will give your brief idea on what all articles are present on the internet based on your selected keyword.

Study the competitor blogs. Check out the gaps in their articles. Focus on filling these gaps in your blog. You can take ideas from them, But be original and write your own stuff do not ever copy

Tip 2 : Know your Audience

Try to know the audience perspective. Read their minds by more involvement with them. Connect with your audience through social media, emails or chats.

That will help you to understand them in better way. Importantly, when you know what they are expecting from you, you will get better idea on what should be the blog content.

Tip 3 : Target Keywords for Content Writing

Target the important keywords after the proper research. After all, that’s the important factor to rank your website on top of search engine results page.

Usually the longtail keywords will help you rank faster. However write on short tail keywords with high search volume as well.

Before that, make sure that you read enough about the subject and your article must cover all the important aspects of the topic

Tip 4 : Frame a Strategy, Content Writing Plan

Strategy in content writing image

When you have a strategy to write the content it makes your life easy. It helps you to write according to the plan, So requires less time to complete the task.

Who knows your style might become popular!!

Tools like BuzzSumo will give you idea on what is popular content based on your keyword. You should go through these popular articles. So, make your strategy and decide the focus of content and start writing.

Tip 5 : Eye Catching Headline, Must in Content Writing

Let us assume that you have done all the hard work to get your article on top of the search engine result page. What next – Unless the user clicks on it the value of your hard work will be zero.

Take your own example here, when you search some stuff on google, you get 10 results. It is the headline that compels you to click on a particular article. Yes the eye catching, attractive headline

Remember that you only have few seconds to catch the attention of a user. Such a powerful and eye catching should be your headline. Therefore it has tremendous importance in your article

Emotional headlines have more market value. I use a free tool that gives an “Emotional Marketing Value” score. Advance marketing Institute is the tool

Tip 6 : Create a Hook In Introduction

A user read an article when he finds some interesting, surprising element in the introduction of an article. We call it a hook. That acts like a magnet and compels user to read the full article.

In short, remember the example of a movie teaser. You are so much excited to see the full movie after watching it.

In a same way, your intro should create an interest in users and compel them to read the entire article. Write an intro that in short explains the your objective. As there are millions of articles being published everyday, this will make you stand out in the flood of articles

Tip 7 : Get to the point in Content

To the point image

It is better to stick to the point instead of writing useless content that users feel waste of time. Most of the users love reading the point straight away.

So what’s the use in wasting your time in writing those lines. You might loose some customers with such a content. In fact many of them mention how much time you will need to read the article.

What does this suggest? People don’t have time to read useless stuff. They want pure information in short span of time.

Off course if you have relevant content that needs space, and that is full of value for the users, people will read that with interest. Do not keep any doubt about that.

Tip 8 : Create Compelling Content with Right Words

A compelling content forces a user to take some action. For example, when it is written on the ad copy of a shop “GET 50% DISCOUNT” customers rush for shopping.

Imagine the ending few minutes of the web series episode, They will always show some shocking element that will compel you to watch the next episode without fail.

In the same way, words used in the content should be smart enough that will compel the users. Here are some example of such words – Sensational, Free, Offer, Quick, Hurry etc.

Tip 9 : Observe Quora, Reddit for Content Writing Ideas

Quora and Reddit are the well-known platforms where people ask questions and experts answer. I always suggest students to keep visiting these platforms that will help you in two ways.

Firstly, you will get the the content, because people ask lot of questions on these platforms. This will let you understand the search intent of the users. And your content will be a solution for them

Secondly, you will be redirecting these people towards your site and you will get additional traffic

Tip 10 : Provide Value to Users

Provide value to users image

User is in search of a solution for a problem. That is why they try to find the required answers on the search engine. If your article has that perfect solution for users will definitely follow you.

This is one way of providing value. To make it simple, try to follow this ” Give value and Get value”.
It is not bad to promote your product, but if your article is only marketing oriented people are not much interested for this.

But if you first provide value to users and then do the promotion in article, people will love that and they will be satisfied leading to increment in sales. It will improve your bonding with the users

Tip 11 : Use Examples in Content Writing

Giving examples in your article helps the user understand the article easily. Some of the concepts will be difficult to understand for everyone.

When you share examples, user relates the concept with it and knows it in a better way.

Search engine like Google considers such articles user friendly and readable according to their analysis which is the important criteria to rank your website.

Tip 12 : Building Trust

To build the trust it takes time, but to loose, it hardly needs much. For example, when you recommend a product or service to users be genuine.

Do not rely on other writers experience and just share it. Write only if you have personally experienced it. Don’t just recommend because you will get a commission out of it.

If you have bitter experience share it. People love honesty. This will build the trust and they will follow you as an authority

Tip 13 : Simple and Readable Content Writing

Simple readable content image

If you want people to read the article follow below mentioned rules

Write short paragraphs of maximum 2-3 lines, as no one likes to read lengthy para’s.

Use subheadings for every important point, that helps a user to understand the point easily.

Bold text should be used to highlight important points

Color the important words or heading in the article to make your point

Short sentences are easily accepted and understood. Avoid long and complicated sentences

Use simple and short words than using complex words. Here are some examples

Acquire – Get
Utilize – Use
Accorded – Given
Advantageous – Helpful
Attempt – Try

Simple and readable article is one of the important criteria to optimize the content for SEO. It is helpful to increase chances of your article to rank on the search engine as well as being shared.

Tip 14 : Update your Content

Keep your content update at least once in a year. Technology or concepts keep on changing every now and then. If your content is written in past people will not prefer that.

Rather they will read someone who has the latest information. So, keep yourself in touch with industry updates.

Tip 15 : SEO Optimized Content Writing Tool

To create the SEO optimized content on your site you need to follow certain practices.

To make it simple, use a free tool on WordPress known as Yoast SEO which helps you in writing the SEO optimized article.

There are many factors which make an article optimized for search engine. Important factors are,

Proper use of keywords
Article text length
Readability analysis
Meta description
Title and Subheadings
Internal and Outbound links

While writing the content Yoast SEO gives you suggestions on where the improvement is required. So you just have to follow the instructions and the content will be SEO optimized

Tip 16 : Interactive and friendly Content

Interactive and Friendly content image

Some writers have the unique way of presenting the content. They write as if they are interacting with you in a friendly manner. Users love reading such kind of content.

It is only because they find it interesting. You can also adapt this style. However this style is user friendly and it will attract more users.

It is the content that plays a major role in driving traffic to your blog. More the users you drive faster you will grow

Tip 17 : Share an Interesting Glimpse from Your Post

When you are looking to attract new readers to your blog, you need to be regular visitor of social media and various other platforms.

Whenever you post something on such sites, use a trick of sharing an interesting glimpse from your blog and not the full article or link.

This will create interest among the readers and tempt them to visit your blog to read full article.

Tip 18 : Video Content

Video content is the necessity in today’s scenario. Off course not everyone is interested in watching the video content, there are many who like to read as well.

It’s is a fact that impact of visual content is works. Create your YouTube channel which is home of viral content. Start posting and sharing your videos on various platforms.

It plays an important role in increasing your followers. Make sure that you have a valuable content for the users.

Tip 19 : Editing is Important in Content Writing

Editing content image

After creating the article, take a break. Have a look at it once again with a fresh mind. Do the corrections wherever you find small mistakes. Delete the unnecessary and include the required stuff.

In other words, this is like polishing your article. The great writers always say that writing improves when it undergoes one or two editing’s. I believe this from my personal experience.

Moreover this is beneficial for ranking of your article.

Tip 20 : Creative Social Media Content

Content writing on social media plays important role in attracting new users. As it is the popular medium to promote your blog.

However you need to be creative to make an impact and compete with other bloggers. Make your content creative, attractive to grab the users attention.

You can prepare an ad copy with an eye catching headline, share an interesting glimpse of your blog, conduct quizzes, go live or chat with them etc.

In such a way you can make use of different type of techniques to make an impact on the social media. With this you can redirect the traffic to your blog.

Tip 21 : Build Creative Infographics

Infographics are a combination of visual and written content. This content can be designed using very useful tool like Canva.

It needs creative brain to design infographics. Usually the brilliant ones go viral. If you are able to create that kind of stuff, you are in win-win situation.

You can create on own or hire someone who can design for you. Make use of facts market facts, product comparison charts, graphs, before after images, etc.

Such content is more attractive and useful from bloggers perspective

Tip 22 : User Guides and How-To Content

user guide content image

User guides and ‘how to’ kind of contents are beneficial for your new customers. This will work as a support from your end for the users.

You can create a small info book or create an unboxing video explaining about how to use the product and info about its features.

Firstly, The content in this should be written in a clear and simple language. Secondly, you should write a step by step tutorial to use the product.

Moreover you must also include FAQs. These type of content is helpful for the new customers.

Tip 23 : Case studies as Part of Content Writing

Case studies are the practical or real life situations related to company’s services, products or support system. Usually these are the successful examples company shares with users.

Sharing interesting case studies works well to create a better image of your company. Users feel more confident about the product after reading these case studies.

So case studies should be the part of your content for better conversions

Tip 24 : Effective Product Description Content

The product description should be genuine and provide all the required details about it. It clears all the doubts about the product in the readers mind.

On the eCommerce website, well-written and effective product description works as your marketing executive who speaks about your product features and specifications.

The description creates a positive image of the product in the readers mind. Therefore an effective product description is the key to make an impact on the new users.

Tip 25 : Customer Success Stories

Customer success stories image

Presenting the customer reviews or testimonials is the easiest way to convince the users about the product quality. Moreover it is the social proof and that should be a part of their website content.

Similarly, success stories are the real life happy experience of users about products and services of a company. It should be proudly included into your website content. A must use content writing tip

Tip 26 : Long form Content Writing

There are readers who will search for short content on a topic. But most of them might be just in a need of basic information.

It is because the short content( < 500 words) can only provide superficial knowledge on a topic.

While some readers search for long form content (> 1000 words). In fact, these are serious readers and we need such kind of users for conversion.

To be specific, most of the long content often provides a detail information on a topic.

Provided the content writer has not included unnecessary stuff.

Importantly, from the search engine optimization perspective, longer content is always considered better for higher rankings. Once you become popular you can have a little shorter piece of content.

Tip 27 : Email Newsletters

Email marketing is the buzz word in the digital industry. Being the most trusted way of marketing every businessman wants this. Moreover, it is the proven strategy to improve the conversion rates

Content of the Email Newsletter should be personalized, as recently the personalized email has performed better as compared to the mass emails.

According to studies the open rate and clickthrough rate is less with the emails that are not personalized. You will land up with more conversions with help of a creative email marketing.

Tip 28 : Content Writing for Press Releases 

Press release content image

Press release is written to attract the media attention. It is the official statement of a company made in front of the news media. The intention is to encourage them to write about your products and services.

While writing the press release content remember the below important points.

Write a powerful eye catchy headline
Include a hook in the beginning to
Create a readable content
Avoid promotional content
Include contact information
Add key takeaways

Tip 29 : Insert Links in Content

Although people will say how links can be part of content writing?

But believe me an article cannot be completed without internal or external links in it.

It is very important to navigate the users with internal links. This not only increases the exposure of your other articles on the site, but also increases the average time spend by user on a site.

For a blogger links will also generate revenue through affiliate marketing. Read about this in my separate post. Therefore link is the inseparable part of the content writing

Bonus Tip 1 : Include Call to Action Button in Content

Content is not only about words, but it is also some right call to action buttons, links, images or videos etc.

You work hard to attract the visitors, but if you don’t have further action plan, all your hard work will be wasted. You must direct the visitors towards a perfect call to action button.

Usually the call to action should register new users, subscribers, lead them to login page, buy now button etc. So, a perfect call to action button is created to fulfill the purpose of your blog.

Bonus Tip 2 : Performance Review  

Performance review image

Review your work by analyzing your website performance with help of Google analytics. It is a free tool. It gives you analysis of the traffic source, user behavior, and their activities on your site, etc.

This indicates which content on your site works and which doesn’t work. It also tells you how is the user engagement with your website pages.

The page content with less engagement can be edited and improved. While you can focus on the page content that has good engagement.

Measure engagement on social media, For products you can measure conversion rate of products. Thus, you can plan to revise your content writing strategy accordingly


To sum up, a few points that are crucial in content writing.

Firstly, Content writing is a serious task and one should never ignore that. Moreover, if your content is high-quality, valuable and informative, There are high chances of your website ranking on top page

Secondly, Consistently providing quality content plays an important role in building trust among the users. Once you build trust users become loyal to your brand.

Thirdly, Content writing is the key to establish your brand as an authority. If you become successful in building a stronger brand image you will emerge as a leader in the industry.

Guys, Content writing is an art, however if you master in it you will keep shining for lifetime.
My intention of writing this post is to make you aware of the importance of content writing.

I hope that you will be successful in generating more revenue with help of quality content.

Share your success stories with us. Do not forget to comment below. Your views are valuable to us. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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