Digital Marketing Meaning in Depth: Only 7 minute read

My intention to write this blog is to support business owners and many others who are looking for financial stability. It will be much easier when you will understand the digital marketing meaning.

Over the years the screen time of people has multiplied the importance of digital marketing. To know how it works, benefits, and channels of digital marketing go through this post.

What is Digital Marketing?

We will try to learn in-depth the Digital marketing meaning in this blog. It is the promotion of products and services through different electronic devices. These are different digital marketing channels such as social media, SEO, email, and mobile apps.

Radio, Television, etc. Basically, digital marketing is any form of marketing that involves electronic devices. Importantly it can be done online and offline. The intention is to connect with potential

customers using the internet and other forms of digital mediums. Using digital marketing the product reaches the target audience faster and easier compared to the traditional ways.

9 Benefits of Digital Marketing

When you start using digital services, you often see better results in a much faster way than traditional marketing ways. Let us see what are the major benefits you get.

1. Targeting Audience is Easy

Targeting audience in digital marketing image

The various digital platforms allow you to promote as per demographics. Importantly, you can select the age group, gender, location, etc. that you want to target while promoting.

Therefore, for anyone into digital marketing, it becomes very easy to focus on a selected audienceIt helps to avoid promotion to someone who doesn’t need your product.

2. Dynamic Adaptability

Digital marketing strategies are extremely flexible. Business owners can easily adapt to the changes in audience preferences. Moreover, you can make changes in the strategy according to the the

situation even at the final moment. So, unlike traditional marketing no need to panic if there is an issue with a promotional strategy. As in digital marketing, you can modify everything at any time.

3. Faster Connection in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes sure that the business owners are connected with its audience. When a user is in the stage of making a purchase decision, you can easily connect with them. You can contact

them in a faster way through email, chat, or a call at any point. Moreover, the business owner can discuss and solve user issues related to product or service that helps in conversion.

So far it’s been easy learning Digital marketing meaning yeah !!!

4. Building Relations

Building relationship Image

Social media is one such digital medium that enables users and business owners to know each other. The users can ask anything on a social media platform. Similarly, you can also engage the users

on social media. Apart from business content, you can also make use of puzzles, quizzes, and other interesting stuff. However, digital connection helps build relations in long term.

5. Digital Marketing is Cost-effective

In traditional marketing, you cannot judge a promotional campaign based on Return on investment (ROI). Because you don’t have technology that provides such insights into traditional

marketing. While with digital marketing you have the option to cut the cost whenever you feel a campaign is not working. As mentioned earlier you can be specific while selecting demographics.

It saves the unnecessary expense on ads and makes digital marketing a cost effective option.

6. Digital Marketing is Measurable.

Digital marketing gives important insights on metrics like impressions, shares, views, clicks, most visits on a page, time, and many more. It provides you the accurate results. That’s impossible in the

traditional marketing. For example, If you are running an ad in a newspaper, you don’t know how many people visited that page. In fact, you cannot say whether running the campaign

worked for you or not. On the other hand, with digital marketing, you can measure the aspects like ROI, active users, page views, etc. That makes it an easy option to choose for business owners

7. Broad Geographic Reach

With help of digital promotion, your product reaches the global market in just over a few clicks. That’s the power of this medium. You don’t have to use many financial sources or manpower unlike

traditional marketing. You can easily control your product’s reach. Whether you want to restrict it to a small population or make it global. It’s all in your hands.

When you are learning digital marketing meaning for the first time you will know that it is your most time saving effort.

8. Personalization is Easy in Digital marketing

Easy Personalization Image

A user watches or clicks on an ad because he is interested in it. At the same time, data is generated. This kind of data provides information to business owners about users’ interests. Importantly, the

digital marketer uses such data and sends personalized promotional messages as per the user’s interest. Therefore, data related to user behavior and demography helps business owners. It helps

them to personalize the promotional messages and target the audience.

9. Convenient Leads and Conversions

As said earlier, a digital marketer receives all the data whenever someone clicks or watches an ad. This data allows you to track the customers and turn leads into conversion. Once you are

connected with a customer you can easily communicate with themTherefore it is convenient to convince users. You don’t get many leads in traditional marketing. While, if you work correctly it’s

easy to generate leads in digital marketing. More the leads are better is the conversion rate.

15 Channels of Digital Marketing

1. Website Marketing

A website is one of the powerful channels of digital marketing. You can operate a variety of campaigns from a website. For example, you can sell services, online products, courses, do affiliate

marketing etc. using a website. However, the website should be mobile friendly, and easy to use. Importantly information you are sharing must be valuable to users which is a must. The business

owner puts all efforts to get more traffic that helps generate more leads and conversions from it.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Image

The most important step is to get organic traffic on your website. Search engine optimization includes the steps taken to optimize your website for search engines. The main goal of SEO is to

help a website rank higher on the search engine results page. The organic traffic, later on, starts converting into leads and conversions for you. However, there is no substitute for good content on a website for users. SEO is of two types.

On-Page SEO – Includes the technical steps taken to optimize a website to gain more traffic For example – Title, Meta description, Use of Key phrases, Images, etc. A WordPress plugin is known as YoastSEO is an excellent tool that helps you in this task.

Off-Page SEO – External efforts taken to gain more traffic to your website. Such as, Creating backlinks through guest blogging, Using social media for website promotion, etc.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising helps a website to reach internet users through paid ads. The important platforms where you can start your PPC campaigns are, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, or

Facebook. You can design these campaigns based on the location, age, gender interest of your target audienceEvery time a user clicks on your ads, you have to pay some amount to the service

provider. Therefore it’s called pay per click. Google Ads and Facebook are the most popular in the category. This is the top most channel while learning digital marketing meaning. Specially when you want to boost the sales

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy used by everyone to attract, engage, and retain potential customers. Different types of content are used to make your website rich and attractive for

users. It can be text, images, audio, graphics, or video. The content is first published on a website. It is then promoted through social media, email marketing, paid ads, and many more places. More

the value you will provide in the content for your users, the more it will be shared and liked.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing image

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels in the era of Social media. The correct use of this medium will give you new leads and conversions in a short period.

You cannot use general approach for all the customers. Rather, you should adopt personalized emails for each customer. Most successful people use a variety of digital marketing channels and

sales funnels to gain leads and conversions. However, most of the time end point of the funnel is email marketing. That’s why it’s the preferred medium to connect with your potential customers.

6. Native Advertising

Native advertising is paid media designed in a way that looks similar to the original content of a media source. For example, sponsored media content on Facebook or paid video content on

YouTube. This media is designed to match the visual design and function of natural content. Since it looks similar it is difficult for an audience to make difference between sponsored content and

natural content. Due to this, views per content increase. So, it’s a smart decision to adopt this strategy while learning digital marketing meaning

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is nothing but promoting your content, products, or services on social media platforms. There are many famous social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter

and Instagram. The main goal of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness. It also builds trust among the users. Try writing more engaging content on social media that helps to

grow your followers. Importantly, social media gives you more traffic. And once you start getting the traffic you get more leads and conversions. If your content is valuable users will be convinced easily.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing Image

Basically, promoting other people‚Äôs products and getting a commission every time you make a sale or generate a lead. This is the concept behind affiliate marketing. Many successful brands operate

their promotion through affiliate marketers. It is effective as well as one of the affordable ways of promotionBecause, though you pay commission to the marketers, the return on investment you

get is still better. Importantly, Affiliate marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. As then you will not be alone promoting the product. In fact, there will be affiliate marketers to

support you. You need to plan a good affiliate program & give timely commission to the marketers.

9. Online PR (Public Relations)

Online PR is the concept where business owners connect with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. However, they also send online press releases to gain quality backlinks, social media mentions.

The intention is to improve their ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. Importantly, PR focuses on creating brand awareness and changing public opinion. It is an important strategy to attract more subscribers

10. Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, the mobile screen audience is increasing at a faster pace. Rather, the majority of the audience loves to have everything on their mobile phones. So, the Mobile screen audience is kept in

mind while creating the digital marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is nothing but a multi channel digital marketing plan focused on reaching the target audience on their smartphones or tablets.

They can be targeted through different apps, websites, email, SMS, or social media. You can promote your apps using different methods and try getting more installations and users.

11. Video Marketing

Video marketing image

Video is one of the most effective channels of digital marketing. YouTube has become one of the most popular search engines. A lot of users turn to YouTube videos before making a buying

decision. Not only that, many of them use it to learn, or watch entertaining videos. It’s the home of viral videos. However, there are no fixed criteria for a video that can become viral. There are so many

platforms like Facebook or Instagram where you can run a video marketing campaign. Social media plays an important role in video marketing. Importantly, Return on Investment is the factor to be

considered as sometimes your strategy might not work. So, the correct use of video marketing is required to get the maximum returns. So it works well while you are learning digital marketing meaning and trying to adopt it.

12. TV Marketing

TV advertising is one of the preferred ways of marketing, as it has a larger reach of audience. You cannot guarantee the success percentage because as it’s a mass approach to advertising. However

Web TV has changed this dramatically. Marketers can now target the audience in a better way. It helps reach the larger part of the audience easily in a short time. Cost can be higher for the

newbies. However, the established businesses would not mind that.

13. SMS Marketing

Text messages have the highest open rates as compared to emails. In fact, 98% of the messages are opened. Even the response rate for text messages is much higher than emails. It also helps in

building effective customer service for the businesses. Importantly, you can communicate with customers through text messages to inform them about campaigns, promotions & other updates.

Moreover, other benefits of SMS marketing are that it is cost effective, mobile friendly, larger reach, has quick delivery, no need for internet. However, it boosts the other marketing channels.

14. Radio Marketing

Radio marketing image

Radio marketing is based on the number of listeners the particular radio station has. But you can only rely on the people that heard the ad. However, with radio marketing, you cannot find out the

exact ROI. Radio marketing is not as effective as other methods. But it works for local businesses where the impact of Radio matters.

15. Billboard Marketing

Billboard marketing is a part of digital marketing. Electronic billboards are located in public places. In fact, the cost and effectiveness of billboard marketing depend on how crowded the place is. It

refers to the number of people and vehicles passing the billboard each day. However, It will continue

to make an impact till the roads are crowded. Remember one thing while learning digital marketing meaning, it is not necessary to have all the channels as part of your strategy

Points to Remember While Making Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Set your goals.
2. Know your target audience.
3. Fix a budget for each digital channel.
4. Conduct keyword research.
5. Create engaging content.
6. Make sure the content is SEO optimized7. Balance between paid and free digital strategies
7. Make use of Analytics to measure your performance

Considering the above points create content that depends on your audience’s needs at different stages in the buyer’s journey. Think and place them in such a way that will make more impact. It

depends on which stage buyers are in. In the First Stage, the customer will just come to know about the product. Blog posts, Infographics, and short videos can be effective in this phase. During

the Second Stage customer will consider your product as one of the options in the market eBooks or webinars can work during this phase. At the Final & Decision Stage customer takes purchase decisionCase studies and Testimonials can be effective in this phase.

B2B versus B2C Digital Marketing

B2B vs B2C digital marketing Image

Let us see how does digital marketing plays a different role in does B2B and B2C marketing.

Decision making – The decision making process is longer In B2B digital marketing. Therefore, has more sales funnels. Relationship building strategies work better for these clients, whereas the process is shorter for B2C customers and they respond better to short term offers and messages.

The difference in Content – B2B content is usually based on logic and evidence as both buyers and sellers are smart digital marketers. Whereas, B2C content is most of the time emotionally based. In fact, in B2C the businesses want customers to feel good about a purchase.

People involved – In B2B it’s a management decision that is responsible to take any decision. Whereas in B2C individual consumer takes a purchase decision. However, it might differ in certain situations.

Importantly, Your strategy should be customer centered whether it’s B2B or B2C digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Tools

Paid Search
Email marketing
Display Advertising
Affiliate marketing

SEO – Popular tools that will help you in search engine optimization are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and many more. These tools will give you all the insights to reach on top of the search engine result page.

Paid Search – Google Ads is the famous tool that allows you to promote your business on other sites. Moreover, you can Create PPC campaigns with the help of this tool.

SMM. The most popular tool is BuzzSumo. It discovers the current trends, finds out top performing content. Moreover, it also helps in finding new keywords, trending stories

Email marketing – It is one of the fastest growing email marketing tools. It offers customized sign up forms and landing pages to help gain more email subscribers

Display Advertising. AdRoll and Celtra are two important tools in this category. These tools help you target the right users based on their interests. It attracts new users and importantly also measures the performance of a campaign.

Affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate networks. However, my favorite ones are CJ Affiliate and Impact radius. It connects the publishers and advertisers to improve the sales and brand awareness Advertisers pay the marketers for creating leads or conversions. 

Specially, when you are learning digital marketing meaning and want to implement it to boost sales these tools will work as your assistants.


Depending on the budget digital marketing strategy will vary. However, you can keep it flexible to get maximum benefit. Importantly, a variety of strategies make it easy for any business to get the

most out of it. Does not matter whether it’s a small or big size business. In the initial stages, a small size business wants to go with low budget strategy. Once they start getting results, they gain

confidence. However, it is wise to invest the profits in digital marketing than to enjoy it. Because of the benefits digital marketing offers it is the choice of smart people. On the other hand the

traditional marketing does not give you much flexibility. So it is better to adopt the best digital strategy to boost your sales. Share your comments below. Your suggestions are most welcome. Contact us for any help in blogging and affiliate marketing and Get a Free Website.

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