How to become a blogger : Top 13 Tips

Let us learn basics to become a blogger

Blogging will turn out to be a good source of income for you!! Yes, you heard it rightly. If you follow self-discipline, hard-work in the right direction no one can stop you from becoming a successful blogger. I will explain in brief each step in how to become a blogger.

Some people might reach there in few days some might take little bit extra time. To your surprise, it does not depend on your qualification.

Exactly! it entirely depends on how much quality time and hard work you put into it.

My intention in writing this blog post is to provide full knowledge on how to become a blogger and build your blogging website to make it global.

This blog post is for everyone on the planet. Especially from bottom of my heart, I want to give something to all the people who lost their jobs in recent times, business owners who are struggling for profits, people looking for new business opportunities globally.

The blog is also for young people looking for career opportunities in their passion, The unemployed, housewives, and many others who are looking for handsome passive income.

I would love to give free assistance through this blog to all those tomorrow bloggers

Blogging is

In simple words just expressing yourself on a piece of paper or in the digital world, it’s typing your views which appear on the screen.

I am sure all of you might have seen some articles on some of the other subjects in newspapers, magazines these are nothing but blogs.

Let us travel together in this learning journey of a blogger. And I will be your learning partner till you become self-dependent.

To the point How to become a blogger: 13 tips

On target How to become a blogger tips

1. Who can become a blogger

Any person on this planet who is passionate about something can be a blogger. it’s as simple as that. Right from childhood, there is at least one or maybe many kinds of stuff that a person is passionate about.

For example, someone loves dancing, writing, gaming, cooking, pets, shopping, traveling, or even anything which looks stupid for someone it could be somebody’s passion.

Passion is not something that has to be kept hidden with a password. If you don’t find a topic you can also write on their profession For example- Painting, Software, Gardening, Childcare, Nursing, etc.

One who can be creative, loves networking are some important qualities of a blogger. Just express yourself, users are looking for some good blogs on it.

So it’s a fact that students, employed, unemployed, business owners, housewives, etc. anyone can become a blogger.

You can launch own blogging website and earn handsome income if they follow the guidelines. Steps are achievable only if someone wants to put in his hard work.

2. Find your niche

This is the most important part if you are eager to know about blogging. A niche is nothing but the topic on which you want to write a blog.

It is your passion on which you will be writing blog posts. Just keep one thing in mind that your niche should be popular, and you should be able to promote some products related to it.

To find whether your niche is popular, take the help of tools like Google keyword planner. If your niche is not popular, then most probably you will have to change it. We will learn this ahead

You can choose one from my list of high-income niches, which is a well researched one.

Choose anything which you enjoy doing and you will find it easy to write about it. If you find it difficult to find a niche write on the present profession in which you work into. For example Engineering, Sports, Cooking, Teaching, Marketing, Music, Hairstyle, Stock market, etc.

Your blog post should be relevant to the niche selected. The popularity of a blog gets affected if you mix up the topics.

3. Define your audience

Depending on your niche understand the audience you will be addressing in your blog.

For example, if your niche is baby care then your audience will be people having kids. There is no point in targeting teenagers or the elderly. Write specifically targeting your category of audience

If a person searches something on google it means he is looking for a solution to some of his problems. The user should find a solution for his problem in your blog. See what your audience is expecting from the blog.

Think from the perspective of your audience. Observe similar ideology people which will help you identify their needs and then write.

4. Get domain and hosting

domain and hosting image

Domain – To make your blog global you need a website. Don’t get worried reading this. It’s very easy. The first step towards a website is to buy a domain. The domain is nothing but your website address.

By typing domain addresses people from all over the world can reach your website. For example,,, etc.

Hosting – Hosting is your blog host company that makes sure that your website appears on the internet so that everyone else can see it. To make it simple, to make your website appear online it has to be saved somewhere.

Think of it as a computer hard drive on the internet where your blog will be saved. This work is done by the hosting company. You can buy a domain and hosting from the same company or can be bought from different companies.

Here I want to suggest to you all the best hosting providers in the industry that is Bluehost. In terms of service, website speed, and many factors Bluehost is the major player in this industry.

To know other hosting providers in the industry visit our Discount on tools page.

5. Creating website : key role in how to become a blogger

After buying a domain and hosting next step is to create a website for our blog posts. You don’t need to have any coding or programming knowledge for this.

It’s easy to create a website through a magical platform with just clicks and drag and drop technology. It is

What is wordpress  image

For you, I am suggesting WordPress because it’s the best and easiest platform to launch a website and the world believes it. As it rules with 42% of share on the internet.

It offers a free website creating platform. Your hosting provider gives you a link to install WordPress.

After installing WordPress create a free account and log in with your credentials to enter its dashboard.

At first, you need to install a good theme and some required plugins, which take care of your website performance and you can start writing your first blog post.

Here it is difficult to explain all the steps in short, but I will help you to understand this in a better way without any difficulty.

For this, you have to watch the free tutorial on the WordPress website itself or there is a lot of WordPress websites creating tutorial videos on YouTube. Website creation is not a big deal nowadays.

In a few days, I am planning to launch a YouTube channel. Will try to make a video about how to create a website on WordPress. Recommending a special course for website creation is unnecessary wasting your money.

6. Tools are weapons of a blogger

To start your blog some important tools which you must know as a beginner. These are mandatory for you if you want to know how to become a blogger. The list is given below. 

Grammarly – For any blogger, this is the best editing tool that corrects your spellings, punctuations, sentence structure, etc. It also offers an array of vocabulary. It is a must-have tool for all bloggers

Yoast SEO – This is the best tool to optimize your blog to get more organic traffic to your website. It is a user-friendly tool & it structures your blog as Google needs to get organic traffic. It is available in WordPress as a free plugin

Google analytics – It is a tool to understand your blog traffic. It closely analyses your website content. This tool tells you where the need for improvement is, layout, design, content, etc.

It offers an insight into the average time spent by the readers on your blog, the number of views of each blog post, and many more stats

Google keyword planner – This tool is a must when you are searching for a topic for your niche. This suggests the popular keywords on which you should start a blog post.

It’s a thumb rule that you have to select keywords that have high search volume and low competition. Such an important value is provided by this tool

Canva – It’s the best free tool for bloggers to create your designs, logo, images which make your blog post look attractive.

It has millions of templates and by using them you can create a beautiful design with just drag and drop technology in minutes. It is compatible with WordPress. And it’s free to users

I will share other tools as well on the Offers on tools page. don’t forget to visit there

7. Some must learn concepts in blogging

You need to learn some important concepts like On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. I will explain it here in short. You can watch plenty of videos on YouTube about these two concepts.

On-page SEO – It is on-page Search Engine Optimization. The most important topic you need to learn is to rank your website on the first page of google. On-page SEO is optimizing the content in a blog post.

There are certain rules for making use of keywords in the article, length of an article, etc. In this Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin plays a magical role.

Off-page SEO – These are other than on-page techniques used to rank your website on the search engine result page.

There are several off-page techniques For example – YouTube videos, social media marketing, podcast, webinar, advertisements, links from the external site, etc.

8. Content writing is key step in how to be a blogger

Content writing image for How to become a blogger

People search on google to find a solution for their problems. You must always keep this thing in mind. Write the content which will be a problem solver for the users, content that will provide value to the users.

Do keyword research before starting. Search for long-tail keywords which are more likely to rank on the top page of google. Do proper research of keywords, Read your competitor articles see what they are writing, write on the points which they have missed.

Do not copy the content from other articles which may lead you to legal copyright issues. You can take ideas from other articles there is no harm in it. Research on your own and phrase the article in your own words.

Try to write consistently. If you write daily, weekly, twice in a week, or whatever might be your pattern follow it honestly and maintain this for the long term. Don’t fool your subscribers by giving fake promises

9. Create an editorial calendar

Consistently create fresh and quality content. Be consistent, be yourself, and prepare your schedule for publishing the article. It is good to have planned for publishing your list of articles.

This reduces your workload and makes you consistent in publishing articles.

Prepare yourself with the right keywords research and start writing on it. The in-depth plan right from research, to publishing the full blog post makes a deadline for everything and acts accordingly.

This improves your consistency in publishing the articles

10. Collect email subscribers list

Collect and prepare your subscriber’s email list. Use some good email marketing tools like ConvertKit, Getresponse to connect with your subscribers whenever you have an update.

This is called email marketing. It is one of the most important lead-generating marketing tools in the digital world. As per the data, it has become a more popular tool because it helps to promote the product straight away to subscribers inbox, therefore, forcing the user to take some action

11. Promote your blog

Promote your blog image

Create your social media profile related to your niche. don’t mix it up with the personal profile, create a separate account. This is required to generate awareness about your blog.

Use different tactics to promote in various social media platforms

On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube your presence is a must everywhere to grow your followers and subscribers which helps increase your reach. Once you become popular you become an authority to promote different products and people will follow you.

This helps you grow your profits and rank better on the search engine result page

12. Get organic traffic

Keep your objective to rank in the top 5 articles on the google search. This means whenever a user searches for your keyword our article should reach on the first page of google.

This is possible when your website has good traffic. This is called organic traffic

Ensure that your website is secure with HTTPS before the domain name. This is essential for ranking. The site should be mobile-friendly and should load quickly.

These are important factors to Rank as well. These factors are taken care of by a good theme like GeneratePress available in WordPress

SmartPixel is a WordPress plugin that reduces the image size in your blog and reduces the loading time of the website.

Organic traffic is the one which is generated by the search engine. Google sends traffic depending on various factors for example – Quality of content, user engagement and time spent on the article, etc.

Internal External links help you get more traffic as mentioned above

13. Advertise on the web – Paid traffic

If you systematically advertise on the web you will get faster attention. This will be added to your natural organic traffic. The cost occurred for this might vary

But this works. and you get faster returns. It is your call to start at the initial stage or later.

You need to utilize this smartly and your visitors will be increased, eventually, your profits will go up

Social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Search engine advertising by Google ads are the widely used platforms for advertisement

Bonus tip 1 Get feedback from friends and family

Discuss the article with your friends and family. They are the ones who will give you honest feedback. Share it with these people before publishing the blog post. Genuine feedback is very important.

Take the feedback seriously. It will help you grow as a writer. Make sure you share it with those whom you trust. On the web, you will also find some criticism. Take it sportingly.

Bonus tip 2 How to earn in blogging

Make money blogging image

A very important part of this blog. Blogging is the source of your monetization where you can earn handsome income. But you need to follow discipline.

Your first objective should be to get maximum traffic to the website. When you get good traffic money automatically follows

There are few basic ways of earning money from a blog after you achieve good traffic.
Read my separate blog post on How to make money from a blog

Through advertisement – Once your website starts getting good traffic You can apply to Google AdSense program. For this, you have to do nothing. Google will display ads on your website and you will be paid for that.

Similarly, private companies also approach you to display ads on your blog. For example – if your blog article is on weight loss and you are getting good traffic nutrition companies to approach and pay you for displaying their ads

Through the promotion of your product or course – 

If you have your course like Singing, Yoga, Online courses, etc. Then the traffic on your site will start generating leads and later on, they will be converted into sales for you.

Affiliate marketing – Once there is good traffic on the website you can apply for some good affiliate programs that are available on the web. These programs pay you good commissions.

Read my separate article on affiliate marketing Some of the good affiliate programs are Amazon affiliate,, Impact Radius, Commission junction, etc.

These companies have plenty of products to promote.

You can select a product according to your niche. Don’t choose products that are irrelevant to your niche.


In this journey of how to become a blogger some important things you need to focus on are Finding your niche, discovering your passion, website building, consistency in publishing content, providing value to users with a problem-solving attitude, Focus on off-page SEO by being active on social media

focus at on-page SEO, try to get maximum traffic through organic as well as paid ads. If all this is done perfectly you can expect good traffic. And once you get the traffic you start earning.

It’s a good source of income for the unemployed, Jobholders can get passive income, Small business owners can earn a good income by promoting their products online.

Anyone can earn good money through blogging if they follow the passion and hard work.

Share your success stories with us. Do not forget to comment below. Your views are valuable to us. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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