27 Tips on How to Increase Website Traffic

Hi all, let us come straight away to the point. Find below the 27 important tips to increase website traffic. focus on them. Increased traffic is directly proportional to your income. So don’t neglect them.

1. Paid Ads to Increase Website Traffic

There are lot of ways through you can target your customers For example Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads and many more.

Paid ads are brilliant step to attract the customers. It helps you rank faster on top of the google

Firstly, You have to decide the goal, whether you want to generate leads, conversions, traffic etc. Then you can do the trial with a small budget whether it works for you or not.

You can also retarget the customers using Facebook add for those who visited your site earlier but were not converted.

The power of ads is that, It keep hammering your brand on customers which lead to conversion.

You can choose high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid ad strategies as well. Competition is fierce for the selected keywords and these can be expensive. But rewards are lucrative

Three things to remember Make an attractive ad copy, Create good landing page and Target right people, For example, Facebook offers detailed customer personas and multiple targeting options therefore no need of mass advertisement.

2. Social Media Presence

The importance of social media has been rising day by day. Lot of agencies are making extraordinary use of social media to achieve their targets. Because we can target majority of population via this

It’s an easy way to increase your website traffic and attract people. You need to work on your social media profile from initial stage. try to increase your followers.

Be early adopter of the new features on Instagram, Facebook Messenger. Give your users something extra, conduct contests, give rewards etc.

Answer their queries, give them solution if they are stuck, provide value to your users which they are looking for, Then only they will follow you. More the followers you have more the revenue will flow

Not and easy task but achievable. Once you start you will

3. Start YouTube Channel

build Youtube channel to increase website traffic image

YouTube is a leading platform to attract viewers from all categories of generation. It’s an excellent platform for marketers to find customers.

Sharing is easy on YouTube and being home of videos it boosts your content to become viral. You can own a channel on YouTube to share a list of video content.

Hence the key is to educate your audience and generate more traffic. The reach of YouTube is global and if your content is informative it will become popular.

You can share links in the description which will boost your website traffic, leads and conversion for you.

4. Post Content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is biggest platform where you can connect and build relation with many professionals at one place. A place which is a hub of professionals from all the streams.

It is the best place to do content marketing than any other social media platforms. You should post your content on LinkedIn at regular basis.

As you can drag good number of readers through this. You can search and connect with other bloggers on LinkedIn. Moreover this will help you to find opportunities like guest blogging to grow your business.

In simple words you can promote your skills to prospective employers or business partners on LinkedIn. Write directly on LinkedIn or share your link.

5. Organic Way to Grow Traffic Through SEO

Instead of explaining in technical terms, let me tell you how the search engine work while ranking an article on top when someone searches for particular keyword.

The search engine has a system which Indexes entire content on the internet based on certain criteria’s like URL, meta description, keyword density, etc.

The one who fulfills these criteria’s has a better chance to rank on top of search engine result page(SERP). Better the rank on SERP more the traffic on your website.

If you work on all the SEO parameters your chances to rank on top pf SERP increase. There is an excellent free tool on WordPress known as Yoast SEO. This tool helps you build a complete SEO optimized blog.

6. Focus Long-Tail Keywords

Lon-Tail keywords are those having more than 3 words. On the other hand less than 3 words is known as Short-Tail keyword.

When a user is in search of general topic just for information he uses a short tail keyword. But when he needs a specific in detail information he uses a long-tail keyword.

This is the reason we should focus on Long-Tail keyword. As we need to tap the customers who are seriously looking for some information or the customer who has taken decision to buy a product.

Long-tail keywords have fair search volume with less competition. This increases chances of your article to to rank on top of search engine result page.

That means if you’re not targeting these words in your SEO efforts, you’re are missing something. Once you rank on top more traffic will follow

7. Guest Blogging Will Increase Website Traffic

Guest blogging image

Guest post on a reputed website boosts your traffic by multiple times. Along with a guest post you have to add a backlink which will redirect the readers to your site.

For this you need to work hard. Create an email template and keep following up with top sites interested in guest blogging.

People won’t easily allow you to post something on their site. Your content should be informative to be accepted by reputed sites. Therefore a good valuable content is must.

Also invite others to write guest post on your website which will drive their traffic to your site

More the guest posts you write more the traffic you drive towards your site.

8. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Very helpful tool for every business. Concentrate on increasing your email subscriber list when you want to know how to increase website traffic

ConvertKit is a beautiful tool that makes your life easy when you are working on email marketing. Watch all useful tools on our offers in tools page.

Email marketing helps you consistently by sharing your regular updates, newsletters, offers etc. with your subscribers. It makes sure that you are always in touch with the subscribers.

Just remember to keep your email frequency limited to satisfied level. Do not bombard your emails, that will fed up your subscribers. Send them Welcome, Confirmation, or Follow up emails whenever required. This will help you build traffic consistently

9. Check Your Site Loading Speed

Nobody likes to wait for more than 3-4 seconds till any site loads. If it takes too much of time to load you are missing out some customers, and that would be a costly affair.

This will increase bounce rate of your site. Bounce rate should be as low as possible. 

To correct this issue, compress large media files like images, videos, avoid too many plugins, too many ads, etc. are some major reasons that increase the loading speed of a site.

It should load quickly on all the devices like smartphones, desktops, tablet, etc. GTMetrix is a tool to check site loading speed.

10. Build Your Community

Build your community that will help creating your identity and increase your brand awareness.

Moreover this will work like a platform for the customers who want to communicate among themselves.

Other people interested can also participate in the forum. They can ask doubts, have multiple topic discussions, sharing articles etc. and more things can be included here.

This will eventually drive traffic to your site.

11. Examine Your Analytics Data

Analyze traffic image

Google Analytics is an important source of data where you come to know the performance of your website in detail. This is a must step in how to increase website traffic

This includes most popular pages on your site, user demographics, number of visitors, Analyze this data, and use this information to improvise content on your site.

Know your customers in detail. Which age category does your user belong to, the time when they are active and so on. Watch out the posts and pages that are most popular. Carefully check from where your site traffic is coming from.

Considering such kind of useful information revise your strategies to make them more effective.

The SEO tools like SEMrush, Google analytics and Ahrefs will give you insights of your site, and tell you something which page or post is effective and which is not. Focus on the suggestions given by these tools and it will boost for your traffic like never before.

12. Free Course Contests and Giveaways

Giving Free course to the newbie is one of the trending ways to attract more traffic and customers. However such kind strategies work when you have a useful content for the users.

Contests should be conducted for the users on social media platform, members of your community which increases their involvement in your activities. These are interesting and useful to drive traffic

After completion of your courses, contests a giveaway is must. This works in attracting crowd and ensures good attendance for your activities. Eventually these kind of tricks help to improve your brand identity in the market. And building brand image is the key to drive more traffic

13. Submit Your Content to Aggregator Sites

The content aggregator site collects variety of posts from the web on any subject and place them on a single platform. The users submit their posts. Readers get a chance to go through variety of stuff on a subject.

Usually the aggregator site shares the blog post with a link redirecting the readers to the original site. Certain points to remember by bloggers is that they should not spam such websites with links.

That may spoil your image as a spammer and readers might ignore you even if the content is genuine. Submit your content on good platforms like Reddit.

14. Host Webinars & Increase Website Traffic

Webinars are smart ways to get new customers for you. These days audience love such kind of activities. If you have a good course content on a subject ready, then webinar is a good way to tap new audience for this.

You can announce this campaign on all your social media network few days before. Create the urgency by mentioning about the countdown in the ad.

Make sure you deliver a valuable content in the webinar and people get brief insight on the subject. A free giveaway is must for such kind of webinars. Don’t worry this will fetch good returns for you.

Do not forget to mention about giveaway in the ad teaser which drives crowd to the webinars. Ultimately you achieve the objective of getting traffic through this.

15. Post Long Form Content

Post long content image

According to the BuzzSumo research an article with more than 3000 words gets more backlinks. And gets 208% more shares compared to short articles( <1,000 words). Always remember these lines,

“Content is king”. At any cost your article must be at least 2000 words. People know that short articles less than 1000 words are not going to add any value to them.

When you write a long content your research work is reflected in it. Therefore naturally the post looks a comprehensive one. Therefore stick to the long article strategy.

Unnecessary do not fill in the post with words. The post should be informative. This will increase your chances of ranking higher on the search engine results page and finally drive more traffic

16. Attend Conferences

When you attend relevant conference you can meet likeminded people. Majority of them would be from same industry. The crowd is from different parts of the country.

You get rare opportunities like this as it is difficult to meet huge number of people from similar background at one place. You can highlight or promote yourself in such conferences.

Moreover, if you manage to speak at such conferences that will be icing on the cake. In simple words, this will help you build your identity and brand image faster.

You can share your thoughts and at the same time you can learn important insights from other speakers. So, branding drives traffic much faster

17. Content Marketing to Increase Web traffic

As mentioned earlier ‘Content is king’. Focus on developing an informative content that will be priceless for your users in terms of value.

Promote your content through different available mediums. Your content can be in form of YouTube videos, blog posts, webinars, courses, infographics, Pdf, audio etc.

Publishing list posts also works well nowadays. For example, 11 tips to make money online. This is kind of listing down the number of tips or ways. It will boost your traffic more effectively.

Create your content comprehensive and if it is effective more visitors will be attracted. It will be also spread by other users through word of mouth. Needless to say you need to work hard and prepare an awesome content to compete with others.

Important SEO tools which will support you in keyword suggestion while working on Content

Google keyword planner

18. Video Content

Written content is good but video content plays an important role to drive traffic. The research shows that visual information is more impactful as compared to the text.

For example – you see most of the online classes are focusing on visual concept learning for students.

You take example of YouTube which is home of all viral videos. Spreading your content through a YouTube channel can also be part of your video content strategy.

This will help to increase your subscribers as well as drive more traffic for website

19. Link Building Strategies to Increase Traffic

Link building image

Link building can rank your site faster and without help of SEO. Yes its absolutely true!!!

Think this way, when you refer a friend to do a course it’s because the course is good for him.
Similarly, when one site gives link to the other that means they are suggesting their readers some good resource for a particular topic.

Therefore, Google considers Backlinks as an important factor to rank you on top of the search result. It eventually helps building your domain authority and that’s crucial.

You need to work hard to get maximum backlinks from reputed sites. Make a nice email template to approach them. You need to regularly follow up with them.

Make sure you have a decent content on the site to impress these people. When they give a backlink to your content, their users are redirected to your site. This ensures flow of traffic to your site.

20. Upgrade Old Blog Posts Expired Content

Keep your website content up to date. When you find that the content is outdated, you must update it. This helps your users to update themselves, moreover a trust factor is built between you and them.

Google also notes that this site is regularly being updated. This increase the chances of your website getting a higher ranking.

So updating and offering quality content frequently is the key that makes google revise its indexing and you can hope to reach the expected target much earlier

21. Respond to Users & Increase Website Traffic

Show your involvement to the users by answering questions asked by them. It might be on social media, or email. Satisfy them by giving a prompt reply. It will develop your bonding.

If someone sends you an email your work does not end after sending an automated reply of “Thank you for connecting with us and someone will get back to you within 48 working hours”.

You should actually respond within the mentioned timeframe. The user respects you for responding in time. A prompt support this is what a customer expects from us.

“It takes time to build your reputation but it hardly needs much to degrade”.

Whenever they face a problem from your end, just accept your fault and apologize. You can offer refund or exchange whatever suits best in that situation. This will build your image stronger.

When you satisfy the users they will give good ratings and reviews to your brand. Many users first see the reviews and then buy the product. Better the reviews, more users are attracted towards a site

22. Influencers Will Increase Website Traffic

Buyers are influenced by famous personalities. People believe influencers because they are a experts and a trusted source. As they already have huge followers.

You can take help of influencer to promote your product. This will bring your product in front of their huge follower base. That means a nice flow of traffic towards your site.

You can give some discount or coupons to this these followers. That will be a win-win situation for all. You will get traffic, influencer along with followers both will be happy for the discount offer.

There are some popular sites on web like Quuu where you can submit your content, If its good enough they will ask influencers to share it.

23. Creative Infographic to Increase Web Traffic

Creative infographic to increase web traffic image

An infographic is an eye catching message created with help of image, words or animation to communicate with people. This works as a key in how to increase website traffic

With help of these we can communicate a complex message in much simple way.
“An infographic creates bigger impact on users than just a text”.

When you are able to create nice infographics you can catch up the target much faster. As these have the ability to attract new audience. You can design it on own using brilliant tools like Canva, or hire a designer.

An attractive infographic can become viral in few days, share it in your community, social media etc. to attract more and more customers. It will work as a huge traffic generating source for you.

24. Make Your Content Viral

Research studies shows that content with images is comparatively shared more than those with text. It is also applicable to video content. Use Images or video to make an impactful content.

Always think of preparing the content useful from users perspective. It should provide value to users. And work as a solution for their problems. Its unwritten rule which you should always keep in mind

This type of content has more chances to become viral. Once it is viral traffic will keep flowing.

Share the content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and all other important social media platforms. It should be nice enough to compel the users to forward ahead and make it viral

25. Media Coverage and Public Relations

Media coverage refers to promoting your blog posts, products, services on a popular media. The media is a reputed place with a large number of visitors on regular basis.

If you are able to manage this it will be the important step in building your brand image.
It is an art to manage public relations of a business or organization in the industry.

It plays an important role in creating a better perception of a business in the society.

Public relation aims to create a branding of the business with promotional efforts, known as earned media rather than paid marketing or advertising. Stronger the brand image more will be traffic exposure of the site.

26. Improve Your Organic Click-Through-Rate

After all the hard work your content ranks on the first page of search engine results. But that’s not enough. People should click on it and read your post.

Click-through rate (CTR) evaluates how many people clicked on your post and read it against the number of people who viewed your link to the blog post in total.

You can evaluate the organic CTR with help of Google Search Console. Even if you rank low but if your CTR is better than top ranking sites, Why should you bother about rank? Our objective is to drive traffic and that’s achieved by improving CTR

CTR is now considered an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.

So when your CTR will improve it will also improve your search engine rankings.

To improve the CTR you need to master below important aspects.

Meta description should be interesting like movie trailers. People should be restless to know what’s inside

Write short, eye catching and compelling title

Include your keyword in your URL

Master the art of writing catchy headlines as this is the key and most important factor to compel the users to click and read the blog post. As headline is the first touch point between you and readers.

27. Mobile Friendly Theme to Rank on Google

Mobile friendly image

There are some modern WordPress themes that are mobile friendly. These themes optimize your website regardless of the screen size.

It meets the SEO criteria and you need not to do anything additional for this. Most of the WordPress themes, support responsive designs for all screen sizes.

Recently Google Started their “Mobile-First Index” criteria. This means the Mobile version of your site will be considered first. It means you need not to focus more on the desktop site.

So when you choose a theme on WordPress make sure it is mobile friendly and SEO optimized

Bonus Tip 1 to Increase Web Traffic

Answer Questions on Public Forums

There must be very few who haven’t heard of Quora or Reddit? Nature of both these sites is similar in where users ask questions and experts in that niche answer.

The BEST thing is that when you answer you are allowed to share a link directing to the external site. So, you can redirect traffic towards your blog post.

You can share your website’s content on these sites, but it should be done in a smart way. Importantly you provide value to the users first and then promote yourself.

But many bloggers fail to do so as the focus on promotion itself. Users post on it to get solution on their problems. Make sure that your answer provides best information to user on his question.

Avoid posting irrelevant information which will make you look a spammer.

Bonus Tip 2 to Increase Web Traffic

Post Your Content on Medium.com

On medium dot com many experts and writers share their thoughts. When they see people are loving your post and that is valuable medium dot com shares it and promotes on their platform.

It is a one of the best place to share your posts. You will get ideas on different topics from the articles written by many other experts related to your niche. Medium was built to make it easier for people to read, write, explore ideas and expertise.

As medium.com says it’s easy to post your thought on any topic and you can connect with millions of readers. You will get maximum from Medium.com

Bonus Tip 3

5 Free Tools will Help You to Increase Website Traffic

free tools image

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool to analyze your website performance. in detail. It gives you proper insights about which post on your site is performing, which is indexed and which is not.

It tells you about from which place your traffic is coming, age of visitors etc. You can fix any issues regarding site traffic performance. You can monitor and maintain the sites overall presence on search results.

Its a free service by Google and works as your free assistant in how to increase website traffic


BuzzSumo is a powerful online tool to discover popular content on a particular topic. In order to know what people need and what they are talking about you need to find out the popular content.

BuzzSumo helps to find out the high-performing and trending content on different subjects.

You can Find click oriented headline ideas, blog post ideas, Find popular influencers in your niche, etc. So BuzzSumo gives you insights on popular ideas on various subjects.


Alexa is a traffic analysis tool available in free as well as paid version. It analyzes your website performance and finds out ranking opportunities for you. It locates keyword gaps to be focused on.

You can use it to analyze competitor websites. This will let you know what you have missed out


It supports digital marketers by providing insights on all competing websites in the same niche. It analyzes the web traffic sources of other websites. You can decide after this if you can build relation with them for guest blogging or not.

You can also analyze the competitors organic traffic sources, Posts that are popular, Demographics distribution by location and interest associated with.


GTMetrix helps you know your website loading speed that is essential to improve the user experience. It increases your sites ranking chances on the search engine results page

GTMetrix identifies the unused plugins, slow loading pages, high size images etc. on your site.


You work hard to bring traffic to your site for the purpose of generating some revenue out of it. Leads or sales bring you revenue from traffic.

As said many times earlier more the traffic more will be your revenue. But this will not be true to you if the traffic is irrelevant. It will happen if your direction of working is wrong.

Even if you try to implement 50 percent of the above tips you will start getting the results. But remember first step to attract the right visitors to your site. Yes I am talking about Quality vs Quantity

For example, on some day out of 100 new visitors on your site 5 are converted, and on the other hand next day, 5 are converted out of 50 new visitors.

End result is same on both the days, But you should find out and focus on the source of traffic from where you got those 50 visitors.

Because the conversion rate was higher from them. You can target your adds focusing on selected population. So try to get quality traffic rather than quantity. That will give you early results!!!

Share your success stories with us. Do not forget to comment below. Your views are valuable to us. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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