Top 23 Tips : How to make money from a blog

23 Tips, 2 Bonus Tips Surprise at the End

When I was in this stage I was searching for a real comprehensive blog where I could get a complete guide on how to make money from a blog. I had to spend a lot of time on this to find real better ways of earning.

I am pretty much sure that today after reading this blog you will come to know about the potential of blogging as a career. You will also find plenty of ways to make money in blogging

Today you are into blogging might be because it’s your hobby, you want to earn passive income while doing a job or you are a full-time blogger.

Whatever may be the case I want to assure you one thing that anyone with hard work, passion, and dedication can make money in blogging if he follows a certain path

1. Google AdSense: Easy earnings

The simplest of all. When your website starts getting the traffic you have to just apply to Google AdSense. Google will see your website and approve.

They will send you a script which you need to paste as per their instructions. No additional efforts are needed. And they start displaying ads.

You don’t have control over google on the type of ads to be displayed on your website. Because they do it depending on the user’s interest. In the initial days, you will not be approved by AdSense because of no traffic.

It’s your choice either you can opt for CPC or CPM. A cost per click is CPC and cost per thousand impressions is CPM where M” represents the word “mille,” which is Latin for “thousands.”

For Example, if you are charging $1 for CPM the advertiser will have to pay it per 1000 impressions.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Smart Way to Make Money From Blog

My favorite topic!! Read my separate article on affiliate marketing. A must-read in-depth blog on this topic. To explain in simple terms affiliate marketing is promoting other company’s products on your website through their affiliate link.

There are a lot of companies that promote their products through affiliate marketing. You can directly become an affiliate of these companies and start promoting.

There is another way, you have to join Affiliate network sites For example – Clickbank, Share a Sale, Commission Junction, Jvzoo, etc. these networks have thousands of products under their wings. You can promote anything out of it.

Remember one thing just stick to the products related to your niche. That is if your niche is fitness promoting beauty products on your site is irrelevant and cross-promotion. Avoid doing this.

As a beginner, some affiliate networks approve your request to join their affiliate network. But many will first see your website performance and then approve. So keep in mind that first work on getting traffic to your website and then start affiliate marketing.

3. Sponsored Ads: Just Relax and Earn

Sponsored ad to make money from blog

When your blog is popular in a particular niche, there will be no doubt in your mind about how to make money from a blog. Popular in the sense of having a good number of visitors, you can approach some companies and sell some space from your blog to put their ads.

Good news yeah!!

They will pay you a good amount for this. These products will be of course related to your niche only. Some companies may directly approach you before you go behind them.

4. Offer Services: Create a Portfolio of Services

Offer services like online consulting, services based on your skills – If you are confident about your skills. Just add a page on your website mentioning ‘Services we offer. 

On this page, you can mention the type of paid services you offer For example – website building, advertisement, digital marketing services, managing social media pages, etc. 

Many people are looking for good advice and strategy to bring their businesses in profit. Share your advice and strategy to make their business more profitable. Work in a team to handle all services

5. Freelancer Services: Work as a Freelancer

 If you have sufficient experience in your niche, how to make money from a blog is not difficult. You can promote yourself as a freelancer.

The best part is that you don’t need any investment to start freelancing services.

You need to send invoices and collect payment from your clients. For this, a WordPress plugin FreshBooks will help you create invoices

Keep your freelancing charges according to the market trend. Provide valuable service to the clients which in turn will also get you more referred customers. This will start building your client base.

6. Coaching: Long Term Way to Make Money from Blog 

coaching to make money from blog

You can start paid coaching services for your audience. When you have good knowledge of your niche or plenty of good articles on it people will approach you for coaching

You can offer one on one online coaching. You can advise them on how to become successful in the field in which you have expertise. For example -Yoga, cooking, Accounting, etc.

Remember one thing while advising, people come to you in search of a solution to a problem, therefore you should try to know what they are looking for and provide the best possible solution

This will help you earn a handsome income. And it will keep rising as your followers grow. Get reviews and feedback from your clients which will be helpful for you to showcase as social proof to attract new clients

7. Sponsored Posts: Write About Brands & Earn

After attracting a good number of visitors to your blog you can approach companies related to your niche. Ask them if they are interested in promoting their products on your blog

You can ask them about sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are nothing but you have to write about that company’s product in your blog. This will help to promote their product in front of your blog’s established audience having a similar niche.

Make sure you choose products of a company that are well known and quality-oriented. Also find related products to your niche.

Before you approach them there will be many companies who will approach you, and they will pay you a good amount for this. It works like this More traffic = More audience = More revenue 

8. Paid Webinars: Create Impactful Webinar with a Giveaway

This is like an online course. How to make money from a blog is easy when you have good skills and knowledge to share some important inputs with your audience because we are talking about paid webinars. 

Make an important note that when the audience will pay for these webinars some giveaway is a must. 

When you become popular you can earn a good amount from such webinars. In giveaways you can give some referral bonuses, discount offers to the students on purchase of some tools.

Make sure that webinar content is valuable to the attendees. It has to be impactful.

9. Online Course: Create Comprehensive Course for Students

Online course to earn from blogging

Firstly create your course content, videos, notes and start promoting it through your blog and all your social media groups.

You can announce discounts and offers to the customers in the webinar, start Facebook ads, google ads promote your course aggressively.

Use an attractive title for ads, give some offers, discounts to students. You have more chances to earn a good income through this. You can also share referral income with your existing students.

This will help you increase sales. Try to use different marketing strategies to promote your courses

10. Create Premium Paid Content: Keep Updating Content

Create notes or videos which will be available to your paid subscribers only. Watch what your competitors are providing to their subscribers. 

Your content should be competitive enough. Try to fill the gaps which you find competitor courses have. You can sell templates For example – like fitness templates, business templates, etc.

Prepare your content inclusive of all the required points. Your students should be satisfied after taking this course. Always keep your content updated.

11. Sell Physical Products: Your Own E-Commerce Store

Using WordPress plugin WooCommerce you can create your online e-commerce store and sell physical products. Makes sure you deal in quality products or else it would turn out to be only one-time sales which don’t make any sense of long-term business.

If you own a product you can simply add it to your existing store and start selling.

If you do not have your product, you can buy from a manufacturer or wholesaler and start selling online. Manage the products dispatch on your own. 

Enjoy earning direct profits as you are the sole owner of the product

12. Create an Online Marketplace: Platform for Other Sellers

Online marketplace image

You can create an e-commerce marketplace where you can not only sell your products but also keep an option for other vendors to register and list their products.

You can charge per sell commission to vendors or you can also get membership amount from them as a fixed charge for their listing.

This is a good concept if you stick to your niche products as you already have the audience base

I hope by now you have gained some confidence in how to make money from a blog

13. Create a Private Forum: Earn from Members

These are like your community groups. You can create a group of your subscribers to chat one on one, or they can also chat among themselves.

Prepare a good code of conduct for the community and make sure that healthy discussions take place. Make this a paid community they must pay to get access to this

14. Creating a Job Board: Especially for Your Niche

It’s easy to display job openings on your portal. You charge companies for adding their list of openings. 

This works well if your blog is niche-specific. Your audience can opt for the openings with less competition. 

Project your job board as a niche-specific portal to attract a selective audience from Job seekers and job providers. 

This is much helpful for the people who find it difficult to use big crowded platforms with irrelevant competitors. Fiverr and Upwork are two such examples of online job marketplace websites.

15. Become a WordPress Developer: Website Creator

Wordpress website developer

If you are extremely confident in using the WordPress platform you can project yourself as a WordPress developer. 

Create websites for small business owners, fitness experts, coaches, etc., and for many others who are eager to take their business online.

It is not easy to learn entire WordPress but not difficult if you keep practicing it 

16. Sell Digital Products: Own a Digital Store

Just like physical products you can also sell physical products on your website. Considering today’s scenario the potential of a digital product has increased by multifold.

You can sell an e-book, blueprints, software, digital marketing tools, etc. It is always said in our world that “Content is king” so maintain the quality of your content in all your products. 

Promote your store everywhere possible, conduct reviews, and make it a hit platform.

17. Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Your Blog: Do Smart Work

You can hire content writers from sites like Fiverr and Upwork and focus more on building your relations. This will make your life easy in how to make money from a blog

Build your connections on LinkedIn, bloggers, blogging communities, and websites with higher domain authorities. 

Try to connect with them through email templates. Once you increase writing guest blog posts, increase backlinks ultimately your website traffic starts increasing. 

This helps in increasing your domain authority. Now when you have become an authority, money follows you. There are some important tools which will help you doing smart work. Visit my separate page with Discount on tools where you will get discounts and offers on some must have tools

18. Get the Employer’s Attention: For Job Seekers 

Employer attention blogging

For someone interested to work as a professional in the digital marketing industry can prefer this.

You can project your blog as a sort of online profile. It creates a nice impression on the employer when you show a powerful website with a good traffic 

It is a smart way to highlight the hard work done by you, show your skills this will ensure you a placement in the first attempt itself

19. Take your Expertise Offline: Build your Identity

When you are an expert in a particular niche, try to utilize your expertise offline too. You can deliver offline lectures to interested students.

Get paid for a speech in the seminars. It will make you popular. It will create good revenue for you. You can also promote your brand in such seminars.

20. Get Paid for Writing Product Reviews: Be Selective

You can write product reviews for brands according to your niche.

The brands will pay you a good amount for writing their product reviews. 

Choose quality-oriented products wisely to avoid any damage to your reputation in the industry

21. Dropshipping Service: Smart Approach

If you are interested in selling products on your blog but don’t want the headache of shipping and inventory then Dropshipping is a solution for you. 

This is a risk-free system that works for you. It is a third-party service provider that does shipments on your behalf. Yeah, it’s that simple how to make money from a blog!!

Your customer doesn’t even understand this. Many companies have this type of working model and today they are running a business successfully

22. Create Amazon Affiliate Store: For Specific Audience

Amazon affiliate store of blogger

If you stick to your niche you can create your amazon affiliate shop using 

Don’t try to sell multiple products on your website this will directly compete your website with amazon. Instead, keep niche-specific products on your amazon affiliate shop.

This will make you stand out from the crowd. This works when your site has good traffic. From here you can redirect the link to the Amazon website and you can earn an affiliate commission. 

How. It will give good returns if worked smartly

23. Work with the agency

You won’t believe this but blogging has become so popular in the advertising world that you will now come across agencies who promote bloggers to big brands. 

It’s secure to work with agencies and they bring very good revenue for you. But for this, you need to have a good following to better your chances

Bonus tip 1: Create offers and discount page

Give value to your users by creating an offers page. You can sell valuable tools on this page by offering attractive discounts. 

Share affiliate links with your users to purchase these tools. This will lead to mutual benefit as users will get discounts and you earn money in form of commission. 

In the same way, I have an Discount on tools page. Do visit without fail to enjoy discounts.

Bonus tip 2: write guest blog posts 

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is also called guest posting, it’s when you write an article on another person’s blog to gain an advantage of additional traffic of the blog owner. 

In fact blog owner also benefits by giving space for the post of a popular guest blogger because this attracts the guest blogger’s audience to his blog as well. 

Thus it leads to mutual benefit by increasing traffic on both the sites by building natural backlinks for the blog. Backlinks help increase your website traffic. More the traffic = More revenue 

Thus more effectively you can make money from a blog


In this blog, I have honestly tried to explain many possible ways of how to make money from a blog.

In today’s digital market, the potential of blogging has been increased by many folds. This has lead to the increased popularity of blogging.

A few years back most of the people were involved in blogging as part-time work or as a hobby. Now people are seriously looking at blogging as a full-time career option.

This is because people now have started realizing the importance of online marketing. They now know how much a blogger can earn. And it can be achieved by combination of smart and hard work.

Blogging is one of the best ways of earning passive income which can be continued for a lifetime.

I hope you will take a lot of positives from this blog. All the very best. Keep earning

Share your success stories with us. Do not forget to comment below. Your views are valuable to us. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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