13 Tips on Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is all the tasks that we perform to promote our business and products on various social media platforms. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter YouTube, etc.

With help of this, you can get in touch with your audience and customers on Social media. Interact with them and spread awareness about your products and build the brand image

If you follow a certain path, it will be easy to create your brand image. Moreover, Social media plays an important role in building the brand image and spreading awareness about your products.

Let us go through this blog to get some insights on the social media marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Traffic image

The most important reason behind Social media marketing is to get more website traffic. It will generate more leads, more customers, more conversions leading to better business growth 


Regular interaction with the audience helps to build a strong bond between you & customers. People feel connected, so are more confident while dealing with you, This leads to customers retention

Cost Effective

In comparison to the traditional way of marketing Social media is an affordable way. Because it needs less manpower, less time, no print material required, etc. So, since every aspect of social media

marketing is built on a digital concept it saves a lot of costs. Importantly, even with less cost, it is more effective. Therefore it has been the choice of every modern business

Advantage Over Competitors

Advantage over competitors Image

You will be one step ahead of the competition if you are updated with new social media features, the latest social media trends, different ways of promoting products using social media, etc. However you

cannot ignore the competitor’s social media knowledge. So, be proactive and smartly make use of social media

Faster Promotion

When you are into social media promotion every aspect is digital. So, you can start a campaign with just over a click. Yes!! The reach is so faster and wider that with just a click your product becomes global.

Traditional ways are time-consuming because of promotional activities like physical posters, banners, etc. While Social media promotion is completely digital oriented. So it’s a faster way of promotion

The Best Social Platforms

Every social media platform has its importance. Each platform has its specialty and different class of audience. You need to understand these and do the promotion accordingly.


Users: 1930 million daily active users worldwide

Facebook is the oldest and most used social media platform. It’s a friendly place where you should give importance to having a casual and friendly tone. Visual stuff is important here. People chat and 

have fun with friends. So try to use a lighter tone. Visual text plays a key role here, for example, Text, Images, Videos, etc. These social platforms are after all businesses. So, do not rely much on the 

the organic way of promotion. Go with a Facebook ad strategy, which will have a big impact on your promotional campaign.


Users: About 1.86 billion yearly active users worldwide

YouTube is home to viral videos. Every video cannot become viral but you can optimize the video content to help it rank organically on the top list of YouTube search results. Make sure that your 

content is informative. Think from the user’s perspective. The valuable content is always in demand. So, create content that will be a solution for the user. The biggest and well-known example to share is 

the Cooking Recipes and Unboxing New Mobile videos. They are so much useful and informative.


Users: 1 million monthly active users

This is another photo and video sharing platform. The content shared on this should be pleasant to watch. There are various features on Instagram that you can use to promote your products. 

Such as stories, Streaming live videos using hashtags, etc. Since this is one of the fastest-growing and trending social media you can make effective use of ads and sell products on Instagram


Users: 444 million monthly active users worldwide

Pinterest’s image centered platform. Businesses can create their image galleries to showcase or promote their products. It is backed with a nice and attractive Pinboard. Although you might feel,

why Pinterest despite having other platforms to share similar content. Well, believe it or not, but the above mentioned figure of active users should inspire you to have a presence on Pinterest. 

Yes!! It is growing faster and you cannot afford to have fear of missing out. You can also make use of Ads on Pinterest


Users: 211 million daily active users worldwide

Twitter is one the largest social media, and very easy to join. You can start tweeting to promote your products and services or share thoughts, It is the best place to expand your business or website’s 

audience and Increase your brand awareness. It is easy to build new contacts on Twitter, even when you don’t know them. It is a very important place to be connected with your audience. Many of your

customers will tweet from here, be active and respond in time, and don’t forget to answer people’s questions. Twitter is known for communication and Interaction. So be active and build your following.


Users: 774 million monthly active users worldwide

LinkedIn is the largest social network of professionals. LinkedIn helps you connect with like minded people easily and you can have professional communication with them. It is the largest

place for job seekers as well as providers. You can make use of this feature too. When customers give your business a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile, that makes your business more reliable

for new customers. Build your connections as much as possible. Make use of the Questions section of LinkedIn, If you can solve peoples doubts you may become one of the 

leader in your community that will help boost your connections and brand image.

13-Tips on Social Media Marketing

Tip 1: Set Clear Goals 

Set clear goals in social media image

Start a social media campaign with clear goals in mind. You can plan a smart strategy and set possible targets. For example, Achieving a good number of followers, increasing brand 

awareness, publishing a set number of posts, live sessions, Giveaways, etc. such activities should be planned to reach more target audiences. So, Goals keep everyone on their toes.

Tip 2: Research Target Audience

It’s necessary to do research work about your target audience that helps you design your strategy. To make it simple, If you want to market a product related to kids, your need to research their

parents, Moreover it’s very important to understand the buyer’s personaSo read your target audience’s mind that will help you to launch your campaign like a rocket.

Tip 3: Research Competitors

It’s all about attracting customers to your product by convincing them that you have a better one. For this, you must know competitors’ social media approachproduct weaknesses, etc. So do

research and understand the gaps, missing links in competitor strategies. Create your social media plans accordingly to convince the audience by highlighting your positives versus competitors

Tip 4: Create Engaging Content in Social Media 

Create engaging content image

Your target in social media promotion is to attract a large number of users and generate more leads and conversions. However. this is possible if your content is engaging. Such content helps to grow 

your social media following which leads to more conversions. Use different tricks like visuals Infographics, Storytelling, conducting Quiz, Live sessionsSharing the time sensitive content 

like Fomo (Fear of missing out) which is also a good way to engage users.

answering the user queries etc. Somehow try to engage the users. Sometimes you also have to share lighter & entertaining content to change the mood of users or it becomes boring.

Tip 5: Publish Post at Best times

According to Facebook analysis, the businesses with 5 posts in a month had more viewers than one with 60 posts. The fact is that audience might ignore the products or businesses that post content too

often on social media. So, Firstly, You have to be regular and not frequent while publishing the social media post and be selective while posting anything. Secondly, Every social media platform

has a peak time to post the content to get more viewers. You may think that after all the content will remain available on social media let people read it any time, then what’s the use of posting at

special timing? It is because the social media algorithm considers the recently posted content as a priority while ranking. However, if your content is organically rich it will come on top. I am not a

strong believer in this fact because if you have a fixed audience you anyway get viewers.

Below are considered the best times to publish a post on social media, 

Facebook is 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Instagram is 11:00 AM on Wednesdays.

Twitter is 8:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays. 

LinkedIn is 9:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Tip 6: Interact with your audience

Interact with audience Image

When you regularly interact with the audience, they feel connected with you and also gain confidence in your products or services. This helps to increase the bonding between you and

customersGo live at regular intervals, start discussions, ask questionsconduct quizzes, answer queries, have a chat, etc. This clears the doubts in the viewer’s mind about your product hence improving sales.

Tip 7: Be responsive in Social Media Marketing

Being responsive is to respond in time when someone asks you industry related questions, product or service related doubts, etc. on social media. If you solve viewers queries in time, it helps to 

build a problem solver image of yours in their mind. Importantly, it also gives confidence to users about your strong support system, thereby building a nicer brand image. Always remember to 

engage with those who respond to your content or share something on your pages. Overall responsive behavior encourages more conversions. 

Tip 8: Include Hashtags on Social Media 

Hashtags are an important way to grow your audience and get more reach. When you use a hashtag in a post or story, your post appears on the page or stories when people search for that hashtag.

The hashtag also makes it easy for users to find specific or relevant content. When used correctly, hashtags can help marketers reach their target audiences, track campaigns, and build their brand as well as social content

Tip 9: Advertise Social Media Posts

Advertise social media posts image

While a majority of the world’s population is active on social media you should not miss the chance of reaching them easily. Do not just rely on the organic reach, as it may take time and rather it’s 

difficult. Remember that after all Social media is a business that needs money and advertisement is their major earning source. To reach the maximum users in less time, we have to spend on

ads. However, It is worth doing ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram. In fact, due to ads, the Product reaches the target audience much faster. The good news is, the cost of ads is much

affordable on most of the widely used platforms.

Tip 10: Analyze Results Regularly in Social Media Marketing

When you are running a social media campaign it is necessary to analyze your performance. You must know which things worked for you and which didn’t. Have you reached more people on

social media than last month? How many people used your brand’s hashtag? You must know answers to such questions. The social media platforms provide basic information on such metrics. To

get an in-depth analysis of all your social media platforms in one place, you can use social media analytics tools, such as HubSpot, Sprout Social, BuzzSumo, and so on. These tools make your task

easy by customizing the campaigns. Tools also let you know your best performing content & many such things that help you to build more such type of engaging content. leading to more sales

Tip 11Be a Trendsetter

You follow the people you love and acknowledge their work by sharing it further. You should also try to be a trendsetter by sharing fresh & creative content for users. Don’t just follow others

take initiative and set the path for others. Let others follow your path. This will make you an authority in the industry and build your brand image. Be consistent in publishing valuable content. 

Gradually your followers will keep increasing and you will evolve as a leader

Tip 12Show Social Concern

Show social concern Image

Publishing posts showing concern for society should be a part of your Social media strategy. It shows the human approach of businesses. It also shows your concern towards society thereby helps

in building a polite image in social media. People follow such kinds of businesses.

Tip 13: Short-form video

While watching long videos some of the viewers will stop watching after one minute and some will drop off after two minutes. Moreover, short form videos will make difference at two levels. Firstly it

will boost the number of people who watch the video content till the end because these videos have higher retention rates. Secondly, The short-form videos are Impactful due to Shorter 

attention span, hence attracting more users and also increasing the engagement of users.

Bonus Tip 1: Stick to Content Themes

In simple terms, content themes in social media are the set of topics on which the company plans to publish content that is in line with the viewers’ demand. Planning a theme is an outcome of a

brainstorming held at the management level of a company. It is beneficial for a company to stick to the theme. Moreover, it helps the business to become more consistent and disciplined. Users follow

the companies that are focused and disciplined in their intent thereby it increases their trust in you.

Bonus Tip 2: Different Platform Different Audiences

Different Platform Different Audiences Image

While promoting your brand on social media the demographics guide you on which network to prefer and what type of content to publish. Let’s see some important facts about social media

Facebook and YouTube are the best platforms for ads due to their high user bases.

Instagram and YouTube, both are social media platforms with Great Visual content. 

Pinterest has more of a women userbase with high quality images and video content.

LinkedIn has a user base of qualified and professional people from all fields that demands in-depth and industry specific content compared to other social media places.

Considering these facts you should frame different social media strategies for different platforms

Social Media Marketing Course 

When you learn to become a professional social media marketer, you feel more confident about working on your company’s social media marketing campaign. There are several places to learn

about social media but in my opinion one of the free and Best is HubSpot. It provides a free certified course on social media. You can learn here important social media tricks. Like, how to

engage with customers, how to improve conversions, how to develop your strategy, how to improve your reach, and measure your social media ROI. You can also learn from plenty of other

social media course providers. Even there are a lot of videos available on YouTube where you can learn about social media. But I prefer HubSpot because of its organized course.

Social Media Marketing Metrics

Let us 10 important Social media Metrics that you need to track:

  1. Engagement: Number of licks, comments, likes, and replies on your social media posts. 
  2. Reach: The number of people who have seen any content associated with your page or profile is your reach.
  3. Followers: This is the number of people you have on your profile who have actually followed you and see your content regularly.
  4. Impressions: This is the number of times a post from your profile or page is seen, whether the viewers click on it or not. 
  5. Video views: Applicable to social channels with video content, it’s the number of views a video gets.
  6. Profile visits: The number of people who have opened your social media page is your number of profile visits.
  7. Mentions: The number of times your profile has been mentioned by audience members in their posts.
  8. Tags: This is when your viewer uses the name of your company’s profile or your hashtag in another post.
  9. Reposts: When someone from your audience posts a piece of your content on their profile.
  10. Shares: When someone from the audience shares your post further in their network it is counted in shares

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools image

If you don’t get much time to manage your social media activities. The tools are the solution for such people. Some of the popular tools include Hootsuite and SocialPilotSproutSocial 

These tools assist users to measure the performance of their posts, create & publish content, customer engagement, and much more. 

There are 4 categories in the tools mainly,

Content Curation Tool: The best tool in this category is BuzzSumo. It helps to find the best content for social media marketers.

Social Media Scheduling: SproutSocial is the best in this category

Content Creation Tool: Canva and Grammarly are the best in this category

Social Media Analytics tool: SproutSocial, Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, and HubSpot are widely used.

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Since the invention of the smartphone and the Internet, the Digital market growth has been huge. It is still growing at a huge speed. It has entirely changed the dimensions of marketing. Importantly,

Social media marketing has a major role to play in this change. It has a lot of plus points over the traditional way of marketing. That’s the reason it’s a choice of the modern businessman. The cost 

effective, simple & effective marketing nature of social media makes it the first choice of many. However one must learn how to make effective use of social media to get maximum benefit. 

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