What Is Copywriting? Learn How To Use It Effectively

Copywriting is writing content to make a sale. It is designed for the target audience aimed to drive more conversions. The content of the copy is designed to deliver the features of the product, benefits 

offers and price. However, there are different ideas to make copywriting more effective. Go through this blog to understand the concept in detail.

What Is a Copywriter?

Some people also get confused between Content writing and copywriting. Let me make it clear for you. Both are technical writers but Content writing is focused on writing compelling blog posts or

articles for users. These blogs are informative. While Copywriting mainly targets sales. Importantly the content in it is mainly designed to generate leads and conversions. The copywriters make 

effective use of Google Ads, email newsletters, and Instagram posts. Moreover, they also know how to attract customers by writing eye catching content in ads.

Skills You Need to Become a Copywriter

Skills to become copywriter image

Needless to say, you need to have good communication skills. However, apart from that many more skills are needed. Importantly, to become a copywriter you need to focus on the needs of your 

brand. Always you have to keep in mind the sales objective and design various copies. Sometimes you have to prepare creative emails, prepare ad copies for Instagram, prepare press releases, etc.

You have to be creative while writing. You should give valuable suggestions, new ideas useful for the marketing team. Moreover, you need to know research and technical skillsConvincing your seniors 

and co workers about your ideas is an equally important skill you must have as a copywriter. As you 

know that through ads or emails the first person the users come across is You. Therefore, You are the face of your brand and the best salesperson.

Difference Between Copywriting and Content Marketing? 

Copywriting is the content prepared to generate sales. Whereas Content marketing focuses on brand awareness. In short, content marketing is the promotion of content in different ways for the brand

awareness. It includes the strategies like paid media, Search Engine Optimization, Paid media, Advertisement. Moreover, effective use of social media marketing also plays an important role in content marketing. While Copywriting is more specific and focused on sales.

Types of Copywriting

Identify the type of marketing that is most effective for your brand’s audience. Depending on that you can make effective use of a variety of copywriting types. Let us go through the types given below

Brand Copywriting 

It involves creative copywriting aimed to get more of an emotional response. It focuses more on its 

features rather than showing how competitor brands are inferior. The brand copywriters 

promote a product through a creative campaign by placing ads, emails, commercials, and so on.

Social Media Copywriting 

Social media copywriting image

Social media copywriters create the messages that a company needs to use for promoting the products on social media. The copywriters prepare content for social media posts. Objective is to

drag more views, create awareness, increase leads and followers. They write such messages in a

short but compelling way. Importantly they try to engage customers. More the engagement greater is the awareness which helps in building the brand.

SEO Copywriting 

SEO copywriting is nothing but optimizing your content to rank on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). A WordPress tool known as YoastSEO helps you to build SEO rich content. Choose 

right keywords after research and prepare content that is user friendly. However, there is no substitute for valuable content. In short, your content must be a problem solver for the users.

Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a type of content that compels a customer to take immediate action. This type of copy encourages the recipient to take any action on an urgent basis. 

Direct response copywriting can be used in Landing pages, Emails, Pop-ups, Limited time offers. etc.

Email Copywriting

Email is a must know in types of copywriting. You must be good enough at writing engaging emails that will lead to conversion. Most of the successful copywriters use this way to get more conversions. 

Importantly the content of emails should consist of strong benefits that will compel a user to take action. Moreover, you must include a strong call to action inside the emails that bring conversions.

23 Must Know Things in Copywriting

The below mentioned points are must know for everyone while copywriting. It is not possible to include all of them in your content, but you must try to remember while

1. Know Your Target Audience 

Know Target Audience image

Do some research. Try to read the audience’s minds. Know their interests. These 3 things should be kept in mind while copywriting. In short, try to know the behavior of people according to age, 

gender, occupation, and interest. It will make or break your content. However, this approach makes it possible to produce such content for the potential audience. It increases the conversion chances.

2. Eye Catching and Emotional Title

The most relevant elements for search engines. Most of the users click on a copy only because they find an interesting Title. You have only a few seconds when the user is scrolling the search engine 

results page. The headline should be emotional enough to compel the person to click. It is said by many successful writers that you should include emotionally charged words in the headline

For example – Amazing, mistake, desperate, shocking, etc. Make sure that the headline delivers a clear idea about the content inside an article. Moreover, it should contain the required keyword. 

Importantly the length of the headline does not exceed 55 characters to ensure it appears complete on the search result page. Follow the SEO rules while writing a headline.

3. Start With a Hook in Copywriting

Introduction matters a lot. Importantly, the first two lines are very important. Start with a hook to ensure the attention of users. To mention a few, For example, Speak directly to the reader, Making 

use of some shocking statistics, Telling a personal story, Asking some relevant questions for the

audience, and so on. Such type of content increases the engagement of users. So, a hook attracts more users.

4. Connection with Reader

The simple formula to establish trust and relation with the users is that you provide the solution. Exactly!! When the user is in a problem he seeks a solution. And if he finds it in your blog

he starts believing you. That’s the thing a blogger aims for. As you grow, the user becomes familiar with your style. Therefore, valuable content for users helps build trust about you among readers.

However, do not relax after building a connection. In short as a writer maintain the connection with users in different ways like emails, social media discussions, and so on. 

5. Make Comparisons in Copywriting

Make comparison image

The comparison works in copywriting. It’s because people understand the difference in a better way. However, it is better to avoid direct comparisons with the competition. Your words should not be 

harsh on the competitor products. As it might not be appreciated by the users. Importantly maintain the healthy comparison to keep it worth. It helps you drive more traffic towards your website.

6. Use Numbers and Surveys

When you use numbers in copywriting that creates more impact on the users. Moreover, using even numbers like 10 tips, 15 ways in copywriting does not attract more users. Rather, using odd

numbers like 7 mistakes, 19 important ways appear more realistic. Similarly, the use of survey reports in your content makes users believe in the product.

7. Anticipate Objections

Users always have some doubts about the product they want to buy. Most of the time users have common objections like For example – They don’t trust your product,

They don’t have a budget, They don’t have enough time, Competitor product is better than

yours and so on. Importantly, being a Copywriter your job is to identify the possible objections or doubts. In short, you should be ready to handle any questions from the reader.

8. Scarcity

Scarcity image

The use of Scarcity makes users feel short of something valuable. Users feel that they need to buy this at any cost because the product is scarce. This also makes them feel that the product is

in demand. So they tend to make a purchase decision in a hurry. It works well if used effectively and sparingly.

Do you remember how this concept is used while shopping online? For example, Only 7 stocks left now, Last 13 seats left. book now. Because of scarcity users take speedy decisions.

9. Tell stories in Copywriting

Storytelling is another most interesting and effective way to attract the audience towards you. Importantly it depends on how compelling copy you write. However, no one is interested in reading

big stories. So, keep it short and sweet around 4-5 lines. Users’ involvement increases while reading the stories. Because these are sensitive and emotional. Storytelling is the way of building a healthy

connection with the users. However, everything is complementary to valuable content. If you do not have valuable stuff your stories will not work.

10. Questions Having Positive Answers

It works well when you include some questions for the users. Importantly structure those smartly to get positive answers. In fact, because of the positive answer users feel the burden. And finally,

they end up by saying yes to your offer. For example, you say yes in a webinar and then end up buying the course. The interesting thing you never joined the webinar intending to buy the course. 

Hence, remember that you can get a yes from users without their intention if you position the right questions in your content.

11. Make Conversation While Writing

Make Conversation while writing image

Write content in a way as if you are speaking with someone. It helps to build a bond between you 

and the user. Importantly, it makes the content more interesting for the readers. The content looks

more natural. The user feels it like a friendly conversation. Many times casual conversation in a

content works well rather than formal content. It is experienced by most successful writers.

12. Highlight the Benefits 

Consider your example, remember the incidence when recently you purchased a product. You might have surely thought about your benefit in it. Exactly! In short, everyone takes a decision

looking at the benefits they will get on purchasing a product. Why will anyone spend an amount on a product just because of an emotional ad? Moreover, he will think of the single penny invested on 

a product. Therefore highlight the benefits of your product first and then its features in content. After all, it helps in attracting more users making a product much popular.

13. Create Authority

Make a habit of producing original content. Importantly, take some efforts in doing the research work. Do not focus on the quantity. But make sure that whatever you produce is quality 

material. This will not only make you an expert but also an Authority on the topic. Finalize the verified content to publish in copywriting. Avoid publishing content if you are not sure about

it. Do not give false commitmentsCheck your source twice to avoid posting false information. 

In fact, it will also spoil your image. Remember one thing, It takes years to build the image, but it hardly takes time to spoil it.

14. Be Specific and Clear

Specific and Clear Image

It is important to deliver your point right away. Therefore be specific and convey your pointDo not create complex content that will confuse the reader. Moreover, do not include irrelevant 

content. The user will not like this and will feel like wasting time. As you know, whenever a user is in a problem he will search for a solution online. And if he has to read a lot of irrelevant stuff before 

reaching the point he will get frustrated and search for another content. In fact, 10 lines that are 

specific and clear can create powerful impact than 1,000 vague lines. Always remember to write Specific and Clear and relevant content for readers.

15. Urgency

Urgency is a time based strategy that develops a fear in customers’ minds which compels them to buy within a limited period. Because he has to take a time bound decision. 

So many times decision is taken in a hurry. This benefits the product owner.

For example – Do you want to become a successful blogger today? Click here to learn more!  Offer valid till 3.30 pm today. Hurry! This concept helps in generating speedy conversions.

16. Exclusivity

The exclusive and original content helps build your image as an authority. Importantly it makes you stand out in a crowdStudy the content written by other writers. In fact, it will give you an idea

about what kind of content is already written on a topic. Moreover, this exercise helps you to find gaps in others’ writing. Then you will find a theme for exclusive copywriting content.

This will help you in creating a path towards writing exclusive content. However when there is a

need of writing something basic on a topic you cannot write exclusive content. Because basics can’t be different. But keep writing original and something exclusive in nature.

17. Reciprocity

Reciprocity Image

It applies to every human being. Reciprocation is a human tendency of giving a response to the behavior of other people. Importantly, apply this principle in CopywritingIf you will provide value

to users, you will get value in return. To make it simple, provide valuable content for users so that it will help to solve their problems. If you do so, they will trust and follow you. So when you are 

solving their problems, they will also react positively. They may react by subscribing to your

channel, buying your services or product and so on. So remember the reciprocity strategy in copywriting. You will get positive returns for your positive work for users.

18. Social approval

You will agree with me that our decision is most of the time influenced by others. In fact, Social approval plays a major role in decision making. Moreover, It helps in building users confidence

while buying a product. Users feel that the product is reliable since already there are a lot of happy users. Social approval shows the brand image of a product For example, A company proudly

displays about its 10 million active users. Most of the companies make use of Testimonials and

user  comments to show social approval. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use Social approval in your content.

19. Using Call To Action

The CTA is one of the mandatory parts of copywriting. It appears either in between the content or at the end of the text and indicates to the reader to take the necessary action. 

It could be filling a form, downloading something, or subscribing to a newsletter, and so on. This is very important and should be implemented smartly to keep the visitors engaged. 

Aim to get new subscribers to your blog. Moreover, with help of this data, you can follow up with them to convert them and generate more leads.

20. Building Links Drives More Users

Building links image

Link building makes your content much better. It drives more usersFirstly, the Internal links lead the reader towards your other blog posts. It helps in engaging the reader for a longer duration.

This improves your blog’s performance from the search engine perspectiveSecondly, External linking is done by linking to other blogs in your blog or where the link goes away from your site

Importantly these are useful for giving references or proving the authenticity of the information. This also improves your site’s credibility. There are many other ways with help of which you can

drive more users towards your blog. For example, Guest blogging, Social media marketing, and So

on. Hence, you can make use of link building strategy in different ways. However, you can read my other blog to get more details.27 Tips on How to Increase Website Traffic“.

21. The AIDA Formula

AIDA stands for Attention. Interest. Desire. Action. It is nothing but the stages that an individual goes through during the process of purchasing a product. Firstly, a strong hook or shocking 

element Attracts the users. Then the Interest created is maintained by the writer to keep the user reading. A benefit is displayed after that to increase the user’s Desire. Finally, the campaign ends

with the right call to Action and the purchase decision is made. Many successful copywriters and a lot

of big brands use this strategy. For example Nike, Apple, Coca Cola and so on. So, as a copywriter include this as an important aspect of the strategy.

22. Use FOMO

FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out. It is a strong emotional way to drive users’ traffic towards you. The use of it creates a powerful impact on users. However, It depends on the skill of the writer.

While reading a copy user must feel that he is missing something very important.

Moreover, they strongly feel that they don’t have something that everyone else has. For example, We reached 5 million subscribers.117 people are watching now.

23. Short Sentences

Nobody likes to read big complicated sentences. Importantly, the acceptance of short sentences by readers is much better than it is for long sentences. Moreover, these are easier to read, and more

engaging for the readers. When you want to convey complex information it is easy to convey through short sentences. As they break the information into smaller parts. However long sentences

are harder to read and readers get confused as well. Readers are not patient as they want to get to the point quickly. So possibly you may lose the customers. It also affects the search engine 

ranking. What’s the fun in showing the language skills when you’re not able to deliver the message properly. So keep it short and sweet. 

Bonus Tip 1 – Active Voice

Active voice image

The use of active voice makes your sentences more direct. It also appears more clear. However, you cannot avoid passive voice in certain situations. So you cannot completely stop using

passive voice in your content. Rather it is impossible to do so. From the reader’s point of view active 

voice makes them feel as if they are taking action. Therefore active voice is an important part of copywriting.

Bonus Tip 2 – Use Simple English & No Big Words

Big words are not attractive and also hard to read. Rather some users may switch to other content with simple words that are easy to understand. In fact, the use of Simple words creates

friendly the atmosphere for the users. So to attract more users stick to user friendly words. To

make it simple, use small English words in place of fancy and Big words. For example, below given are some simple words in place of big ones.

Utilize = Use

Fascinating = Interesting

Unparalleled = Unique

Demonstrate = Show

Electrified = Excited

Moreover, the search engine also favors content that is easy to read for everyone. Therefore a content with simple words helps you rank higher on the search engine results page.


To be a successful copywriter if you think you don’t have any experience, you will be surprised to know that you have done this before. Think of the times when you had written an emotional 

message to convince a friend. Then because of your message he was convinced. Right? Copywriting is exactly similar. In copywriting always remember three important things that you should have 

are Empathy for the reader, Creative writingand Practice writing every day. To make a career as a copywriter you can start as a freelancer or start your own digital marketing business

Well then wishing you all the best. That’s all I had to share in this blog.

Share your comments below. Your suggestions are most welcome. Contact us for any assistance in blogging and affiliate marketing and Get a Free Website.

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