What is WordPress : Only 7 Minute Read

Without spending time on other things I like to come to the point straight away on what is WordPress(WP). So It is the number 1 and easiest platform to create website or a blog.

Just imagine the way it dominates the internet by having 42% share among the websites present on the internet. It’s more than 1 third of the total market

WordPress is an open-source content management system that permits everyone to use or modify the software for free.

The importance of this system is that it allows us to manage entire website content without having coding or programming knowledge. So everything is just made simple based on clicks.

Good news is that you don’t have to be developer or hire them to build a website. So it is the best, simple and free option available on the internet to build a website

The Birth

Initially WordPress was a standalone project. later on it turned into an open-source software, so now it’s managed by a huge community of contributors.

But roots originate from the collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Matt Mullenweg is the founder of Automattic, The company behind the WordPress.com service.

Officially WordPress began its journey with a blog platform in 2003. Since then it never looked back. Credit goes to the huge community which contributes towards the success.

They made it the most popular place to build any kind of site on the internet.
WordPress.org and WordPress.com are different. Most of them choose dot org. The difference is,

WordPress.org is a self-hosted WordPress. It’s free and open-source WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web host to create a website that you own completely

Only you need to purchase domain and hosting. But, you need not to worry most hosting brands provide you link to install WordPress software.

WordPress.com, on the other hand, takes care of hosting for you it’s easy to star but gives you less freedom. Moreover, you get the extension wordpress.com. For Example- domain.wordpress.com

Top Brands Trust WordPress

Top brands trust wordpress

Most of the top brands use WordPress (WP). This site your are reading right now is built using WP. All There are plenty of popular brands using WP, But sharing here only a few to boost your confidence

The Whitehouse
Sony Music
Microsoft News
The Walt Disney Company

The Rolling Stones
Facebook Newsroom
Usain Bolt

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog
Angry Birds
PlayStation Blog
The Official James Bond 007 Website

Variety of Websites

Earlier you could build only simple blog using WP, But now every possible website can be built with WP. However, Thanks to thousands of developers working on it to make this possible. Below are some type of Websites that are widely created using WP

eCommerce Website
Business Websites
Membership sites
Social networks
Magazine and Digital Publishing Websites
Knowledge Websites

Important WordPress Benefits

Some key BENEFITS of WordPress made it popular. Here are important ones to highlight

No Cost 

No cost Free wordpress image

The WordPress software available on WordPress.org is free to download and use. That’s one of the important reason why WP has gained popularity

Variety of Stuff: 

It allows you to create many types of websites, for example – Business websites, personal blogs e-commerce stores, magazines and more.

Easy to use 

Its very simple to install and start using. Manage your website based on clicks. There is no need of coding. If you can use Microsoft Word, Then you can use WordPress too. It’s as simple as that

Open-source Software 

It is an open-source software that is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means it is not run by single owner. Number of developers and users together contribute to make the software better. In short, they keep on improving and continue to provide free user services

Instant Support

While using WordPress if you face any technical issues and you can approach for WP help. It has nice instant help from the support team available 24/7

No coding and Programming Needed 

This is the best part. To create website using WordPress you don’t need knowledge of coding or programming. WordPress uses various coding languages, But those are all built in. So, user needs zero knowledge of coding

More Features with Plugins 

More features with plugin image

The WordPress software can be extended with it’s plugins. Plugins are small software that you need to upload to your website to add more features. There are many plugins on WP For example, Security, SEO, backups, contact forms etc.

Customizable Themes 

Customizable themes image

Themes provide the design and layout of your website. You have many options to choose themes. With just one click entire look of your site can be changed. There free as well as paid themes. However, paid themes are more advanced and it provides more functions to user.

Important WordPress Features

Out of many here are some important WP features that cannot be ignored

Website Security 

There are many plugins available to keep your website secure for example Word fence. WP has a team of developers and users who work hard to protect your website, However there is no website in the world is completely secure.


SEO image what is wordpress

The software has a majestic support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps your website’s content to rank on the first page of search engine result page. There is an important plugin known as Yoast SEO that smoothly helps you in optimizing the website


The software is developed in such a way that it constantly works on improving loading speed of a website. It consistently works on removing the code “bloat” that slows down the speed of a website.


Most of themes in the software are mobile-friendly in nature. This is important criteria from the search engine ranking perspective of a website

Media file library 

Media library image

There is a built-in media library from where you can upload image or video into your page. To some extent you can also edit the images.

Drag and Drop with WordPress 5.0:

WordPress 5.0 introduced the new Block Editor known as the Gutenberg Editor. It has taken the website creation to more advance level. It has become much easier for you to design and arrange the content with a more flexible “drag and drop” technology.

Must Know WordPress Settings

Must know settings image

Given are below some important settings and it’s use that you see once you login to the WordPress

  • Dashboard – The Dashboard has all the controls available to manage the website. From here you can operate all the functions. You will be familiar once you practice regularly
  • Posts –This is the place where you write the content. Create, edit and publish your posts from here.
  • Media – You can directly upload images from computer into the blog post add image to the media library and then upload. It will be saved there permanently.
  • Pages – Create a new page from here for example contact, about us, home etc. Pages remain static while posts are time-based. Posts shows updated date and time
  • Comments – You can manage user comments from this place
  • Appearance – You can themes, widgets, WordPress. Settings, appearance, themes etc. can be controlled from this place
  • Plugins – Add new plugins from here. You can also see here all the installed plugins on site
  • Users – Business owner can appoint separate person for every role. You can add users from here for example, SEO Manager, Author, Editor, Administrator etc.
  • Settings – You can find here general settings, writing, reading, backup setting etc.

Start WordPress in 8 Steps

If you want to start self hosted WP website that will give you 100% ownership of the site, you are just few steps away. Follow exact steps given below. Very useful for beginners

1. Buy Quality Web Hosting

Hosting image

First step is to buy a quality web hosting. There are many hosting providers in market so you might get confused To avoid this go for Blue host. Visit Discount on tools page to see other hosting providers.

2. Get a Domain Name

Finalizing a name could be easy task for some, but some may take time. This step is to be taken after choosing your niche. Niche is a subject on which all your blog posts will be written on a website. Choose the domain name of the site related to your niche. For example, photographyideas.com etc.

3. Install WordPress software on your website.

Most of the hosting providers will directly help you to install WordPress from their panel itself.

4. WordPress Login

After Login you will be directed to the login page. Once you login with your credentials you enter the world of WordPress

5. Select a Theme

Themes change the entire look and framework of a website. It changes Layout, design, color, templates and other aspects. There are many free and paid themes.

Select a mobile friendly, SEO optimized and a simple theme. Most of the paid themes provide more advanced features to set up a design for your website.

On dashboard Go to Appearance > Themes add new from the WP menu or you can also upload a file from your computer ( if you have zip file provided by someone )

6. Install Important and Must Have WordPress Plugins

Got to Dashboard>Plugins>Add New. In this way install below very important plugins.

Short Pixel Image Optimizer – This helps you to compress the image size on your website without loosing its quality. This is useful to improve your site loading speed required to improve in ranking your site on the search engine result page

W3 Total Cache – Its the best cache plugin that improves your sites server performance, makes your load faster that improves the user experience

Updraft Plus – It’s very important plugin that creates back up of the entire content you have on the website. You can select Google drive to save the backup content. If your website is crashed due to some issue, all your hard work will not go waste, as you can easily restore it from the backup file. Remember that WP doesn’t have it’s built-in backup function.

Word fence Security – It is a WP security plugin that protects your website from the common attacks.

Yoast SEO – The best SEO plugin available on WP is Yoast SEO. It helps you create the SEO friendly content that improves your ranking on the search engine result page.

Ninja Forms – To get all important forms like contact forms, surveys, accept donations and more, Install Ninja forms.

7. Add Pages

Add pages image

Go to Dashboard>Pages>Add New. In this way add the required pages on your site. For example, Home, About us, Services, Contact us etc.

8. Write Content and Publish

Write Content and Publish image

Go to Dashboard>Post>Add New. This way you can create a post. To write content you have to research on keywords, focus on quality content, focus on SEO and then Publish the post. This is it!!!! Now you have a proper website with pages and posts on it.

Making Money with WordPress

Make money with wordpress image

When you create a website using WordPress your earning potential increases. There are many ways to earn money through website. Here are some of the important ways.

Create your blog – An informative blog will generate revenue for you from many different ways. To know these read my separate article on How to make money from a blog

Affiliate Marketing – Start an affiliate marketing through your niche website built using WP. To know more read my separate blog post on Affiliate marketing for Beginners

Build WordPress websites for clients – WP is so simple to use that If you master in WordPress you can create website for others and make money. Train them to maintain a website.

E commerce store – WooCommerce is the WP plugin that helps you build an online store. You can sell your own products or someone else’s products and generate good revenue

Website will generate leads – Once you have a website, your reach will be global. You can target relevant population through ads and generate more leads


My objective of writing this post is to share with you some important insights about worlds best website creating platform. To create a website little bit extra efforts are required, But remember that this will create newer opportunities for you.

So keep this in mind that Greater the reach of your business, Greater the leads you will receive which means increased sales conversions.

After reading this article I am sure you will learn theoretically about WordPress. However, I suggest you to practice creating website on WordPress simultaneously while learning theory.

Do not just keep reading articles. To sum up, More you practice, More you will master in WordPress.

When you will learn something from here and utilize this knowledge in creating a website, one day you will see that your profit levels have gone up. I will be more satisfied on that day!!!

Share your success stories with us. Do not forget to comment below. Your views are valuable to us. Any suggestions are most welcome.

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